How to Buy Gutter Cat Gang NFts

Gutter Cat Gang

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the fad nowadays and none are as popular as The Gutter Cat Gang NFTs. The visual story of the Gutter Cat Gang takes place in post-apocalyptic 2050. The earth is all but dead and humans are now an interplanetary species (they live and travel across the universe).

The cats now run earth after the humans moved on and the story is set in the bad part of a city ridden with crime. The Gutter Cats are the cats that live in this city that exists in the ETH blockchain and they are portrayed differently based on their character traits.

The Gutter Cat Gang consists of 3000 different Gutter Cat NFTs. When you buy an individual gutter cat, you own the commercial and creative rights of your unique Gutter Cat. Additionally, you get initiated into the Gutter Cat Gang which is so cool.

How to Buy Gutter Cat Gang NFTs?

There are a lot of platforms you can use to buy a GCG NFT but here we will focus on the DApp Browser.

  1. Open your Trust Wallet DApp Browser and type io (Ethereum-based P2P marketplace for NFTs and other digital collectibles).
  2. Search for Gutter Cat Gang and go through what you want to purchase.
  3. Once you have picked what you want, click ’Buy Now’.
  4. Ensure you have Ethereum in your wallet before proceeding to ‘Checkout’.
  5. Approve the transaction on your Ethereum wallet and finish.

A point to note is that Ethereum gas fees change, therefore, you should consider that when buying any NFTs.

The Future Vision of the Gutter Cat Gang NFTs

The creators of the GCG NFTS will soon announce a date and time where the NFTs will go on public sale. As long as you are the owner of a GCG NFT, you will own its commercial rights. There are 3000 GCG NFTs currently in existence.

Gutter Cat NFT

If a quarter of that number sells, the creators will launch the Gutter’s Discord Muscle. It will involve dedicated managers and moderators, working hand in hand with the developers to police the Gutter streets. If they sell half of the NFTs, they will select a random GCG owner and gift them with custom framed prints of their NFT.

They will launch official but exclusive GCG merchandise if they sell three quarters of the NFTs. When the NFTs sell out, they will release a limited edition of the GCG comic book. They will select random GCG owners to receive digital and physical copies of the comic book. All other GCG owners not selected will get claim tokenized versions to keep.

The future’s looking bright for the gang with talks of voting rights for GCG owners to participate in the development of the Gutter Cats Story Arcs in the Ethereum Blockchain and in the real world. They also get to decide if the Gang join social media, breed etc. There is a lot to look forward to if you decide to invest in the Gutter Cat Gang NFTs.


The beauty of the GCG NFTs is the community feel the creators have created around them. The project seems like a fun way for people that enjoy art and storytelling to come together. They are a good investment with a hopefully brighter future.