How To Buy HEX Crypto on Both Exchanges & DEX, Explained!

Vinod Dsouza
hex crypto
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HEX cryptocurrency launched in December 2019 at a modest price of $0.00015000. The crypto shot up dramatically as it doubled 13 times in price approximately every 48 days. It was arguably the most profitable crypto from early 2020 to September 2021, reaching $0.51 from $0.00015000 in 19 months. Early investors made generational wealth that changed their lives forever. A documentary, The Highest of Stakes, is also being filmed to showcase how ordinary people made millions from HEX. The film will also showcase ordinary investors living in mansions and owning expensive cars. If you’re looking at buying HEX cryptocurrency, this article will explain the steps and processes to buy HEX in centralized exchanges and DEX.

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How To Buy HEX in Crypto Exchanges & Wallets

  1. Coinbase Wallet
Source: Coinbase
  • The most popular and easy method to own HEX is through Coinbase Wallet. Download Coinbase Wallet as a mobile app or an extension on your browser on the laptop/PC.
  • Choose a unique username. Coinbase Wallet will allow other users to send you cryptocurrencies and vice versa easily.
  • After you create your username, the next step is the most important one. You will get a ‘recovery phrase’ also known as ‘seed phrase’ that consists of 12 random words. Kindly note that the ‘recovery phrase’ is the key to your wallet and the cryptos you own. Write down the ‘recovery phrase’ on paper and keep it in a handy and secure location. Do not share your ‘recovery phrase’ on social media and with others (except the ones you trust, if required).
  • To buy HEX, you must first purchase Ethereum (ETH). Calculate how many HEX tokens you need and buy ETH for the same amount. However, purchase extra ETH to cover the gas fees to initiate and complete the transaction.
  • After buying Ethereum, click on the ‘Trade’ tab and search for the term “ERC-20 tokens”.
  • A list of ERC-2- tokens pop up in the drop-down.
  • Choose ‘HEX’- Key in the number of tokens you require and follow the instructions. (Remember to have extra ETH to pay for gas fees, else, the transaction will not be processed.)
  • Confirm your purchase. That’s it! Your HEX tokens will be processed and stored in your Coinbase Wallet.

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2. Poloniex Exchange

Source: Finance Magnates

Poloniex had listed HEX in November last year, allowing users to easily buy and sell the crypto at the click of a button. The trading platform allows HEX/USD purchases making it easier for users to transact the token.

  • To purchase HEX on Poloniex- Search for HEX in the list of cryptocurrency trading on the exchange.
  • Select HEX- Key the number of required tokens and click on confirm.
  • HEX will be stored in your ‘Portfolio & Assets’ section.
  • If you wish to sell HEX on Polonies, you can click on the ‘Sell,’ key in the number of tokens you want to sell, and click ‘confirm.’

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How To Buy HEX in Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  1. MetaMask
Source: Chain Debrief
  • Install MetaMask and download the MetaMask Wallet on your browser as an extension.
  • Buy Ethereum (ETH) through Wyre of CoinSwitch within MetaMask by clicking the ‘Buy’ option on ETH.
  • Purchase Ethereum to the amount you wish to swap for HEX. Note to buy more ETH to cover the gas fees at the end of the transaction.
  • Once you purchase Ethereum, click on the ‘Swap’ option and select HEX.
  • Click on HEX and ‘Swap’ your Ethereum to HEX. Your ETH will be converted to HEX tokens and stored in your account.
  1. UniSwap
  • To make it easier for users to Swap their Ethereum to HEX, UniSwap has created a secure frontend at
  • Once you enter, click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ option.
  • Buy Ethereum to the amount of HEX you would like to own. Purchase extra ETH to pay for gas fees at the end.
  • Enter the quantity of HEX you would like to swap from Ethereum.
  • Click ‘Swap’ and then click on ‘Confirm Swap.’
  • The HEX tokens will then appear in your wallet.