How to Buy My Curio Cards NFTs

My Curio Cards NFT

My Curio Cards is probably the oldest NFT project on Ethereum to date. Because of this, not many people know about it. The cheapest card goes for 2.19 ETH on OpenSea, while the most expensive sits at around 290 ETH.

What do I Need to Buy a My Curio Cards NFTs?

There are a few things you need to do if you are going to get your hands on one of these historic NFTs. For example, you will need a crypto wallet loaded with funds to complete the transactions successfully.

A crypto wallet will allow you to send, receive, store digital assets, and sign transactions on the blockchain. For example, the most common digital assets currently include cryptocurrencies, and our personal favorite, NFTs.

How Can I Get the Curio Cards NFTs?

Presently, All of the Curio Cards have sold out. However, that does not mean you cannot get your hands on them. The current owners are willing to resell them, for a profit, of course. You can get them on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

NFT’s are currently raging in their appetite for new money. While developers create new collections every day, older ones such as My Curio Cards creep up to take the stage. Below we detail how you can buy My Curio Cards NFTs.

Step 1: First, create a crypto wallet. Then, Go to the Metamask website and create a wallet. Also, make sure to store your seed phrase securely because you will lose your digital assets if lose the recovery phrase. (Note: Metamask is the best wallet for making transactions on Ethereum. We recommend it for newbies on the blockchain.)

Step 2: Fund your Metamask wallet. (Note: ‘Funds’ means Ethereum (ETH) because it is the primary medium of exchange on the OpenSea market.)

Step 3: Head over to the My Curio Cards page on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Step 4: Connect your Metamask wallet to the platform.

Step 5: Select the card you want to buy from the ones on offer.

Step 6: Send Ethereum from the Metamask account to the vending machine’s addresses, and then you will receive the card(s) in return.

Step 7: 

Congratulations, you are now an owner of My Curio Cards, the oldest known NFTs on Ethereum.

I Bought the My Curio Cards NFTs. Now What?

You can decide to hold on to the cards or resell them for a higher price on the open market. With the current trend of NFT commerce, you are bound to have a buyer sooner rather than later. For example, in CryptoPunks NFT collections, the owner of punk #3100 is reselling it for approximately $108 million after buying it for just $7.54 million. Merely owning the NFTs potentially presents a lucrative opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.


In summary, this is the process of how to own one of these rarities. If you manage to get one of them, you will be among the select few holding the My Curio Cards. If this was your first ever NFT purchase, cheers! You are an NFT holder now.