How to Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App?

Vignesh Karunanidhi
How to Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App?

The ability to deposit checks via one’s smartphone has become table stakes for any digital finance platform seeking to drive engagement among today’s mobile-first users.

Cash App, the peer-to-peer payments provider operated by Square, now features integration with such functionality. However, user access remains uneven amid an ongoing rollout by the company.

What is Cash App’s check deposit feature?

Cash App touts mobile check depositing as “the fastest way to get your paper checks into your Cash App.” Those enrolled can snap images of the check front and back after endorsing the document. However, the feature does not constitute a definitive launch across the Cash App’s total user base at this time.

An experimental feature that remains in testing, mobile check cashing stays restricted depending on one’s account status. Thus, some subscribers may not even see the option within their Cash App instance yet. Others may gain access down the line, pending further ramping by Square.

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Eligibility requirements Assuming availability, utilizing Cash App’s fledgling check deposit feature also brings specific requirements around sender, currency, age maximums, and other attributes per the company’s disclosures in its Mobile Check Capture agreement.

For a check to qualify, a payout must be issued directly to the account holder or jointly with another party. The document needs to originate from a U.S. depository institution and be payable strictly in U.S. dollars. Square also caps the age of checks at 90 days upon submission and restricts previously processed checks.

Step-by-step deposit process

During the deposit process, Cash App prompts users to confirm check information and properly endorse the document by signing the rear before snapping images of the front and back. For successful intake, turnaround times for fund availability span one business day for U.S. Treasury checks and up to 15 days for other personal or business checks.

Limits to be aware of

In addition to user-specific access limits related to account history and activity, Cash App also imposes boundaries around daily, weekly, or monthly deposit volumes that may impact one’s capability to offload multiple checks over a defined period.

The still-in-progress functionality gives Cash App greater parity with traditional banking apps, emphasizing mobile deposit adoption to reduce friction. Yet uneven accessibility even among early adopters points to ongoing maturation as opposed to a holistic solution for subscribers awaiting a more ubiquitous reach.

That said, the expansion to support check deposits marks another milestone in Cash App’s efforts to centralize financial services within a mobile-centric ecosystem tailored to the digital domain. And for the subset of customers afforded access thus far, the added convenience remains noteworthy.