How to Download Axie Infinity : Guide

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The popular Axie Infinity is available on any platform for mobile devices or your computer. Once you buy three required Axies, you still need to download the game or install it on your device. 

This post will provide steps on how to download the famous play-to-earn game on your device. 

How to Install Axie Infinity Game Client

The interesting digital game is still at its initial stages, making it hard to be available in all versions. However, developers have made support applications to enable you to play despite the shortcomings. 

If you are using a Windows PC or macOS device, you can download the Axie Infinity from their official website. 

Android players have not been able to play the game because it is not yet published on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. 

However, developers have uploaded a version of the game on their servers and on Apple’s TestFlight platform.

Important Notice: It is critical to download the game from their official sources such as

Downloading the game from third-party sites, you are likely to get your account compromised. 

How to Download Axie Infinity on Android

The easiest way to download the Axie infinity on an Android device is to download An APK File:

  1. Go to
  2. Once you have downloaded, click on “Play Now” in the upper right menu. 
  3. You will be prompted with either an Open or Install Option.
  4. Click on the “Install” prompt and enjoy!

How to Download Axie Infinity on iOS

You won’t get the Axie Infinity game on the APP Store. It’s available through a TestFlight invitation. TestFlight is Apple’s platform that distributes the game to a limited number of beta testers. 

This way, when you download the game, you can only play like a beta tester. The following steps will help you download Axie Infinity on your IOS device.

  1. Go to the official website at
  2. On the upper right menu, click on “Play Now.”
  3. Click on the IOS button.
  4. Once you have opened the IOS button, apply as a TestFlight tester.
  5. When you are accepted, install the Test flight app. 
  6. Install Axie Infinity from the TestFlight app.

However, the Axie Infinity TestFlight is full for now, and no more testers can join. 

How to Download Axie Infinity for MacOS

Installing Axie Infinity game on MacOs devices involves;

  1. Downloading the macOS installer.
  2. Open the DMG file transfer your Mavis Hub to the Application folder. 
  3. Login in the game and play. 

Create an account and start playing 

Once you have installed the game, you are a few steps from playing. The game requires an Axie Infinity account.

You will also need to set other game requirements on prompt but it won’t take a lot of time. 

Congratulations! You are Ready to Start Earning

Installing the Axie on your device is easy if you know the application maneuvers. However, the game is not fully available for IOS users. IOS players are only allowed to download the game through TestFlights  Apple’s platform. 

After installing the game, create an account with Axie Infinity and start playing.