How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

Your Guide: How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

Are you looking for some ways to make some extra money? Do you love binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix? If so, can you imagine a world where you’d be able to do both?

Today, we’re going to answer, “How to Make Money Watching Netflix?” So, if this is your dream keep reading to find out more.

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Is Helluva Boss on Netflix?

Is Netflix paying people to binge-watch?

First, we’re going to rip this off like a Band-Aid. No, Netflix cannot pay you just for binge-watching shows all day as you sit on your couch. We know that’s a total bummer for you. You have to think about it from Netflix’s perspective. If they did this, there’s really nothing that they would gain from you just sitting there.

Now, if you can come up with a way to create some type of output and make some type of benefit (we’ll cover this below), then you might be in luck. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

What’s a Netflix tagger?

First, let’s talk about what’s called a “Netflix Tagger”. One of the ways that you could get paid by Netflix is by becoming what’s called a “Netflix tagger.” Now if you do a Google search for a Netflix tagger opportunity, you’re probably not going to find anything. That’s because you want to look for the term “editorial insights content analyst.”

This is going to be somebody Netflix employs to watch and analyze its content. Their sole responsibility is to assign tags or categories to each show. Now, this will totally help add some value to Netflix while you watch some shows. Adding tags and categories is great because it helps Netflix users navigate the content library.

How much does the Netflix tagger make?

According to our research, the annual salary of an editorial insights content analyst is going to range from $28,000 to $91,000. That’s a pretty big window in terms of compensation; it looks like the average is sitting around $54,000 a year.

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How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

Start a Netflix Review-Focused Blog

Another great way to try to generate revenue if you are obsessed with watching Netflix shows is by starting your own blog. Now, this is not going to be a get-rich-quick scheme. You must remember that starting a blog requires proper SEO research and development.

On average, you can probably start driving traffic to a blog site within six months. Remember, Netflix has nothing to pay you for creating content. Giving them leverage to the wants and needs of Netflix users, their search interests, and selling ad space on your site

Create closed captioning for Netflix

Last but not least, another creative way that you can save money by watching some TV shows is by doing close captioning for Netflix. Basically, you are listening to the show’s audio and transcribing. You want to go through sites such as Go Transcript. Just remember that the average hourly pay is around $17 an hour.

Conclusion: How to Make Money Watching Netflix?

In conclusion, contrary to popular belief, there are going to be a few ways that you can make money by watching Netflix. Sure, it’s not a plain and simple as just sitting there and watching nonstop. However, for some creative thinking, you do have some opportunities. Happy watching!