How to Win a Dispute With Chime

Joshua Ramos

Over the past several years, the banking sector has made massive strides in its technology. Subsequently, the prevalence of digital payment systems has expanded rapidly. Although those systems and digital banking options provide a clear advantage, they also have a steep learning curve. In this guide, we will be discussing how to dispute a transaction and win that dispute on Chime.

Among the landscape of digital banking options, Chime remains one of the most popular. The digital bank had a remarkable 14.5 million users in 2022. Moreover, an astounding 9 million of those users stated that they used Chime as their primary bank.

Yet, with any kind of digital banking option, there is always the potential for a transaction dispute to be a necessity. Yet, with so many options, it has become increasingly more difficult to understand and differentiate how that process can take place with different providers.

That is why this guide is here. Indeed, we are seeking to address the process of transaction disputes as it pertains to Chime only. Moreover, we will explore how to possibly win that dispute with Chime.

Can You Dispute Transactions on Chime?

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The first question we need to answer is whether or not a transaction dispute is possible on Chime. A rather new digital banking provider, there are still a lot of prospective users who have no idea how the bank works. With mobile banking perks like early direct deposits and zero-fee checking, are disputes possible with Chime?

The answer is a yes. Similar to any banking entity, Chime utilizes Visa credit and debit cards. Therefore, any transaction that is executed with a Chime account is subject to the laws of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act. What this means is that the rules that dictate all payment disputes are also attributable to Chime users.

The process is one that the bank itself can carry out, but it will require some different information on your part to facilitate that dispute. So, let’s explore some of what you need to dispute a transaction on Chime.

What You Need for a Transaction Dispute

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Chime answers the dispute process on its offered Visa cards. Moreover, they outline two ways in which you can dispute a transaction made through Chime. Firstly, there is through the Chime Application. This is probably the most straightforward way to approach it.

On the app, you will want to navigate to the View Transactions feature located on the home screen. Then, you should select the Problem With This Transaction” button and follow the given instructions. However, those instructions alter if you do not primarily use the app.

alternatively, Chima allows you to dispute a transaction through a help number. Specifically, Chime asks for users to call (8440-244-6363 if they need to dispute a transaction on their account. They state that the number is applicable if there is an issue with a transaction, you need to dispute a transaction, or if there is unrecognized activity on your account.

Additionally, when disputing a transaction you will need a plethora of things. Specifically, you will need:

  • Receipts or invoices
  • Delivery and Shipping Information (Including Tracking Number)
  • Confirmation Notices (Emails, Etc.)
  • Dialogue With Merchants Regarding Specific Transaction
  • Photos and Description of Merchandise
  • Evidence to Confirm the Dispute
  • Proof of Requests to Cancel the Transaction

How To File a Dispute

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Now that you have gathered the necessary information, it is time to file a dispute with Chime. Firstly, you will need to file through the information provided by the bank. The directions will bring you to a form that you will need to submit.

Then, you will need to allow Chime to investigate the given information and the transaction. It is important to note that if Chime finds the transaction non-disputable, they will cancel it. However, if they do not they will grant you temporary credit. Such a temporary credit should be received within 10 business days.

If you have provided the necessary information, and your claim has merit, Chime will file a chargeback on your behalf. That funds meet the transacted amount, and if the dispute is deemed accurate, you will be able to keep the funds. If it is not, the credit will be removed from your account.

If the information you provided to Chime is correct, you should be able to win the Chime dispute. Remember to include all the necessary information, and bear in mind that the timeline for such a dispute claim may be extensive.