India Aims To Earn $800 Billion From Exports to G7 Countries

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India is now inching towards establishing its reputation as one of the most powerful international trade contenders by bolstering its exports. In a recent interview with India’s commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal, the head of the realm, reiterated how India has noted a 9% growth in exports, which may continue to expand more soon.

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India’s Exports To G7 Nations Continue To Gain Momentum

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Source: Outlook India

India is building a robust trade link that will increase the capacity of its export business. The country now targets enormous revenues of $800 billion arising from its exports to G7 countries. The sharp estimate was recently shared by the nation’s commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal.

Goyal expressed his optimism about India scaling its exports to G7 Nations. The G7 bloc comprising Canada, France, the UK, Germany Italy, Japan, and the US will be the recipients of India’s prolific trade strategy aiming to provide infrastructure growth to its commercial realm.

Goyal was also quick to emphasize how the upcoming elections in France, the UK, and the US added an element of uncertainty in executing trade proceedings. This, in turn, decreased India’s CAD metrics, which the nation seems willing to redeem this current fiscal year.

The Commerce and Industry minister also shed light on PM Modi’s effort to deliver consistent growth policies to the nation. The commerce chief shared that PM Modi is committed to growing the intensive gems and jewelry sector of India. Elaborating on the aforementioned part, Goyal shared that the endeavor will aim to deliver 1 lakh jobs to help India ace the sector in its particular way.

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India Dubbed The Fastest Growing Economy By The World Bank

The World Bank has recently shared a new compelling analysis of India’s economic progress. The Bank deemed the nation as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The report shared by the bank elaborates more on India maintaining its GDP growth at 6.6% for FY25.

“This moderation is mainly due to a slowdown in investment from a high base. However, investment growth is still expected to be stronger than previously envisaged. And remain robust over the forecast period, with strong public investment accompanied by private investment.”