Indian Man Finds $3 Million US Dollars on Railway Tracks Marked to UNO

Vinod Dsouza
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Source: Watcher Guru

A 39-year-old ragpicker from India stumbled upon US dollar bills on the railway tracks in the southern city of Bengaluru. The ragpicker named Saleman found the US dollar bills in 23 bundles covered in paper and thrown on the sideways. Saleman works as a scrap collector who mainly collects plastic bottles and other waste materials to earn a living. After scavenging the waste near the railway station, the man found the US dollar currencies on Friday last week.

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Saleman kept the bundles of currencies in his home and informed social activist R Kaleem Ullah about the bills. The activist informed the police commissioner B Dayananda about the US dollars and handed over the currencies to the department.

“I initially did not know that there were currency notes in it. As it was packed, I thought it might be some books that had been thrown. But when I came home and opened it, I found 23 bundles of US dollars but there was a stench of some chemical and I felt sick,” he said to the Indian Express.

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The $3 Million US Dollar Bills Had a Note From the UNO

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The police were surprised to see the large bundles of the US dollar bills. The officials were also taken aback after seeing a note from the United Nations Organization (UNO) letterhead between the bundles.

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The UN note read, “The economic and finance committee puts in place a special fund which was voted by members of the security council to assist UN peacekeeping forces in South Sudan. Due to the skeletal banking operations and the hijacking of such funds by unauthorized persons such as terrorists and dictators in these regions the United Nations authorized the finance committee of the UN to place a visible laser stamp on the notes to act as security in order to have the funds to reach its destination safely.”

This safe contained standard laser stamped security bills TB 0.30-365H/UNSEC/07 AFC of $100 with value of three million United States Dollars. The chemical required to remove the last stamp is Fino-Bioxine Universal solution Code (BDZ8Y56),” the letter added.

It is not known if the UNO letter is real or a prank and investigation into the matter is underway. It remains a mystery how $3 million in US dollars ended on a railway track in India, which is marked to Sudan from the UNO.