Investors pour into Terareum [TERA] as holder count soars to 7k

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

Within just 15 days of its launch, Terareum [TERA] became the talk of the crypto town. People behind cryptocurrencies work tirelessly to gain a large fanbase, investors, and even exchange listings. TERA, on the other hand, was already making headway.

The altcoin’s whereabouts are still blurred, yet individuals were pouring funds into its market. The asset drew a lot of attention after a spectacular price increase of about 600 percent in just 14 days. Investors did not want to lose out on the fun, and the fear of missing out on possible gains prompted the influx of further capital.

Terareum was able to get a seat on two major exchanges, adding to the excitement around the cryptocurrency. This also contributed to the growth in the number of holders. TERA’s team reported that the overall number of cryptocurrency holders has risen to 7000.

Cryptocurrencies require a strong community to thrive. Every relevant project on the market has a sizable following on Twitter. Terareum appeared to be moving in that direction. Aside from the holder count, the network’s Twitter followers increased to 7,745. This has the potential to attract additional investors to the TERA market.

What’s going on with the price of Terareum [TERA]?

Anyone’s curiosity would be piqued by a 600 percent raise. But how long will this hot streak persist? The asset peaked at $0.000000009794 earlier this week. As the community had predicted, this pattern was broken.

Terareum was trading for $0.000000005832 at the time of publication, down nearly 40% from its all-time high. The cryptocurrency also experienced a daily decrease of 4.6 percent. A daily trading volume of $1,374,305 was recorded by the altcoin.

Although the dip was not as severe, the community worried that this may be the beginning of a downward trend. Given the price’s volatility, it’s too early to determine the price’s direction.