Is Bitflix the Netflix Metaverse of Blockchain Technology?


The Birth of Bitflix

In April 2021, a Blockchain filmmaking technology had its way up in the online market. With its founder and CEO, Tiger Miller this online filming technology called Bitflix came into rise.  Bitflix is indeed the Netflix metaverse of blockchain and crypto technology. The movie industry is decentralized, which means that movie audiences and crypto enthusiasts participate in the process.

Understanding the Bitflix Metaverse

This technology will emulate the metaverse technology, where community members acquire NFT’s as their online assets. As Tiger Miller explained, he decided to dive into this ideology after his colleagues made several inquiries towards crypto currencies. 

This business idea came to answer the difficult questions about online trading. According to Miller, he developed a strategy to educate his colleagues about crypto-currency through a familiar market trade. Who will Benefit from Bitflix?

Content creators and producers benefit by earning from their creations(Actors and actresses, singers and activists). This shift also promises a mega stream of entertainment to its audience.

To artists, an even more value you gain is that the platform offers you a straightforward registration protocol. After which, you enter the otherwise ‘complicated’ crypto and NFT world.

Similarly, Bitflix is a prediction for a mega industrial shift into the digital world. Joseph Baena, the Bitflix ambassador, actor, and youngest son to Schwarzenegger, hinted that the entire Hollywood would join this technology in the future. This migration stipulates a tremendous migration. 

How to Join the Network

As stated earlier, Bitflix has a simple registration portal that allows global connectivity for artists and their audiences.

Hereafter, you gain a chance to connect with stars, collect movie NFT’s, or even vote for movies you would like to see. You can then purchase collectibles using BTFLX token.  The token is awaiting its launch this coming month.

How It Will Work

Bitflix technology ascertains all artists a chance to grow regardless of prior fame. Here, content creators get an opportunity to showcase a single screenplay. The screenplay is, first and foremost, submitted for review. Your work must pass the originality test, and it should not identify any plagiarism. This stage also determines how valuable your workpiece is.

The audience can then vote for the movies to determine their value. The team then creates a movie listing. These listings will also include the names of the viable actors. According to Bitflix, screenplay authors will receive a production role if desired and original screenplay credits, including the residual profits on all future sales of the movie NFTs.


Currently, Bitflix is producing a movie titled ‘LAVA.’ This will become the first fully crypto-funded movie.Here are some more Films that are in the production intray; ‘Berzerkerz’ and ‘Finding Satoshi: The story of Bitcoin.’ 

As we eagerly follow to unravel this path, we are also eager to see how supporting talent from social media and sports will be included as suggested.