Is Cardano’s Founder Supporting Dogecoin Now?

Sahana Kiran
Dogecoin Cardano
Source – Bitcoin News

Off late, an array of people have been endorsing meme cryptocurrencies. Individuals like Elon Musk sharing tweets about Dogecoin [DOGE] isn’t a surprise. However, proponents of other networks doing the same could certainly cause an uproar. Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson’s latest tweet was around the same lines.

Earlier today, Hoskinson stunned crypto Twitter by expressing his inclination toward Doge voting.

The tweet was limited to the statement, and no other details were provided by the Cardano founder. The entire community rushed in with a plethora of speculations. While some speculated that a Dogecoin-Cardano collaboration was in the works, others noted that he was reaching out to the Dogecoin community. Some even implied that Hoskinson had lost a bet.

This is attributed to Hoskinson’s rocky relationship with the Dogecoin community. The Cardano creator has taken several shots at the DOGE community. He even asked Dogecoin to migrate to Cardano as a sidechain.

Amidst all of these tweets, the one that stood out was from Shibetoshi Nakamoto. Billy Markus aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the co-founder of the Dogecoin network reacted with a Shiba Inu dog.

Dogecoin & Cardano are no longer fighting for ranking?

Dogecoin and Cardano have been seen competing over their market caps. The meme coin managed to surpass Cardano and take over its ranking several times. However, now, Dogecoin’s market value is at $10.88 billion, which pushed the asset down to the 9th spot. Cardano, with $12.59 billion, remained in the 7th position.

Apart from this, Cardano’s other on-chain metrics were seen to be thriving as well. For instance, the total number of addresses in the network was 4,368,547. Dogecoin was at a high of 4,477,436.

Despite this rise in addresses in both of these networks, Dogecoin and Cardano pocketed minimal gains. Over the last 24 hours, DOGE was trading for $0.08204 while ADA was priced at $0.3629.