Is Chase Bank Open on Good Friday?

Joshua Ramos
Lafayette – Circa February 2017: Chase Bank Retail Location. Chase is the U.S. Consumer and Commercial Banking Business of JPMorgan Chase VII

Chase Bank is among the largest financial institutions in the United States. Moreover, the subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase & Co. is routinely observed as one of the best banks on the planet. Yet, as with all banks, it is important to discern the hours of operation for any number of banks, leading us to answer whether or not Chase Bank is open on Good Friday.

Luckily, most banks operate on a federal holiday schedule. This makes the process of discerning what banks are open on what days a rather simple one. However, it is first important to know what holidays make up that federal schedule, and what to do if you need banking services during a holiday.

Chase Bank Hours of Operation

One of the largest banks in America, we break down the holiday schedule of Chase Bank, and if it's open on Good Friday
Source: CNBC

Firstly, let’s discuss the usual hours of operation for Chase Bank. Although the times may vary depending on the location of your bank, they more or less operate on a similar schedule. A good base test for most Chase bank locations is to know that they are usually open from 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.

Alternatively, Chase Bank also has a weekend schedule that is available at most locations. Again, this may vary depending on the location, but there is a usual base test to know if your location will be open or not on a weekday.

The Saturday schedule for the bank is different for most locations but is usually open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, in nearly every Chase location across the country, they are not open on Sunday.

Conversely, Chase ATMs are in full operation at all times. These 24/7 machines are able to execute their designed task no matter the time or day. Moreover, you can use any of these ATMs to withdraw money, make a deposit, or transfer funds.

Chase Bank Holiday Schedule

New York, USA – May 26, 2018: Chase Bank in New York, NY.

Now, knowing whether or not Chase Bank is open on Good Friday relies on knowing the bank’s holiday schedule. Currently, the bank has listed these federal holidays as days in 2023 when they are not open:

  • New Year’s Day- January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Day- January 16th
  • Easter Sunday- April 9
  • Memorial Day- May 29th
  • Juneteenth- June 19th
  • Independence Day- July 4th
  • Labor Day- September 4th
  • Columbus Day- October 9th
  • Veterans Day- November 11th
  • Thanksgiving- November 23rd
  • Christmas Eve- December 24th
  • Christmas Day- December 25th
  • New Year’s Eve- December 31st

As this schedule suggests, Chase Bank is operating on Good Friday, as well as some other typically celebrated holidays. However, the bank is not open on any of the days listed above.

How to Access the Bank Outside of Its Operating Hours

However, if you need to access your banking services outside of these typical hours, there are some ways. Firstly, as we previously stated, ATMs remain operational 24/7. Alternatively, you do have access to your mobile banking application, which can perform a host of different services. Additionally, Chase Bank features 24/7 customer support that is available online, and by phone number ar 800-935-9935