Is Donk.Meme The Next Solana Meme Coin To Explode As PreSale Raises 800 SOL?

Paigambar Mohan Raj

Solana-based memecoins have seen a meteoric rise in value over the last couple of months. BONK and WIF were among the best-performing cryptocurrencies during the previous market rally. However, there may be a new SOL-based memecoin that may explode very soon.

Donk.Meme ($DONKM) is a new Solana-based memecoin that is inspired by Shrek’s beloved Donkey. The project is a unique attempt to appeal to both meme fans and cryptocurrency investors by combining humor with profit potential.

Solana-based Donk.Meme presale skyrockets

The project began its presale on Mar. 22, 2024. Within just a week, the memecoin raised over 600 SOL, selling out almost 30% of the 700 million $DONKM pre-sale allocation. So far the project has amassed over 800 SOL.

The high interest is not only from regular investors but also from Solana whales and meme coin enthusiasts. Moreover, there is no allocation for insiders or the team, further highlighting the project’s testament to fairness and transparency.

Donk.Meme uses a no-cap presale model. This model guarantees widespread involvement by giving each investor an equal opportunity to acquire tokens before their release on significant exchanges such as Raydium.

With just a few days left for the presale to end and limited coins available, investors and memecoin fans are lining up to get their hands on Donk.Meme ($DONKM).

How to join the presale

Joining the Donk.Meme ($DONKM) presale is fairly effortless. Users only need to follow the steps highlighted below to get their hands on the explosive new memecoin.

  1. Users need to set up a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet or Phantom.
  2. Users then need to buy SOL and load up their wallets.
  3. Users can then visit the presale link and send SOL to the designated presale address.
  4. You will then receive your $DONKM tokens via airdrop post-presale.

Donk.Meme ($DONKM) goes beyond just a crypto project. The team has created a community for meme fans and crypto investors. The project’s social media is also growing at a fast pace, further solidifying its strong fanbase.

To learn more about Donk.Meme, you can visit their website, visit their X page, or join their Telegram channel or Discord server.