Is FXNOW Free on Amazon Prime?

Is FXNOW Free on Amazon Prime?

Your guide: Is FXNOW free on Amazon Prime?

Are you a huge TV or movie fan? Maybe you like to indulge in your favorite TV shows late into the night or just casually browse around. Well, chances are that in today’s digital world, you have access to literally everything right at your fingertips. So, when trying to cut down costs, you might have to get a little creative to find some savings.

After all, do we need 10 streaming subscriptions drawn from our bank account every day? Seriously, between Netflix, Hulu, FXNow, and HBO, where do we draw the line? If you’ve ever wondered, “Is FXNOW free on Amazon Prime?” you’re in luck.

Today, we are going to answer that and more. Keep reading to find out more.

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Is FXNOW Free on Amazon Prime?

What is FX Now?

First, let’s tackle what we’re talking about exactly. What is FX now? FX Now is another streaming platform that users can access from pretty much anywhere. Their website and app are free to download. Just know that if you do want to access premium or live channels, you will need to sign up for a subscription.

Is FXNOW free?

Next, let’s answer what everyone is thinking about. Is FX free? The answer is mixed. Yes, you can access FX NOW via their website or app for free. That’s the good news. However, if you wish to fax FX Live Streams or some of their original movies, you will most likely need to sign up with an existing TV provider. If you already have one, it’s easier, but if you don’t subscribe to normal cable, you’ll have another expense to incur.

Is FXNOW Free on Amazon Prime?

Is FXNOW free on Amazon Prime?

Now, let’s answer the main question on everyone’s mind: Is FXNOW free on Amazon Prime? Again, the answer is mixed. Yes, you can access FXNOW for free; however, you will need a subscription to a supported entertainment provider. For example, your cable company that you watch normal TV on or your satellite provider. By connecting this account, you will have FXNow for free, whether you choose to access it through Amazon Prime or not.

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Does FXNOW have a subscription?

FXNow does not have a direct subscription. You can access it for free on any device or using their app or website. However, to unlock additional viewing options, you should subscribe to them using a participating TV provider. So unlike other streaming platforms like Netflix, where you pay a monthly fee, when it comes to FX Now, you just need an active TV provider to access their entire library of entertainment.

Is FXNOW Free on Amazon Prime?


In conclusion, although it would be nice to get FXNow for free through Amazon Prime, unfortunately, it’s not possible. You need to either have an active TV provider option readily available or just settle with their free options. In either case, if you’re just looking to expand your viewing hours or cut some costs, you might be better off just opting for other more cost-effective streaming platforms. However, if there’s something that you can only get on FX now, you’ll need to fork over some cash from an existing TV subscriber to access it. Get that popcorn ready!