Is Hop on Netflix?

Joshua Ramos
Source: Illuminatoin’s ‘Hop’ (2011)

For modern consumers, entertainment has vastly changed over the last several years. The rise of streaming platforms has inundated us with many options across many platforms. Yet, that can only make it more difficult to know what title is on what streaming service. In this guide, we will answer if Hop is available on Netflix.

Hop is an immensely popular children’s film that came out in 2011, and presents a rather unique premise and combines it with impressive visual components. In the film, a man named Fred adopts a rabbit that jumps in front of his car. However, he’s not yet aware that this particular rabbit is set to become the next Easter Bunny.

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Is Hop on Netflix?

Within the modern streaming platform battle, there are few options as popular or well-known as Netflix. Although it has struggled to compete in recent years, it is still one of the original success stories in the sector.

Responsible for hit shows like Stranger Things, Netflix has more than 260 million subscribers across the world. Moreover, with recent developments like its new multi-billion deal to stream the WWE, it is ever-expanding its offering for the wants of modern fans.

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However, Hop is not available on Netflix in the United States. The film had previously been available on the platform but has since been removed. For viewers who still want to watch the movie, there are a few options among the plethora of platforms out there.

According to the most recent data, Hop is available to watch with a Peacock Premium subscription. Moreover, you can rent the film through Apple TV for $3.99. Additionally, it is available to view on Google Play Movies and Vudu for the same price.