Is Twitter Increasing the Character Limit on Tweets?

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Is Twitter Increasing the Character Limit on Tweets?
Source: Aestland

Elon Musk has been chastised for a variety of reasons since taking over Twitter. Musk drew the attention of many by firing top executives, charging $8 for Twitter Blue, and a slew of other initiatives.

Musk recently revealed a slide from a Twitter company presentation in one of his tweets. Musk debuted “Twitter 2.0,” dubbed “The Everything App.” Musk also revealed new features such as encrypted direct messages, long-form tweets, the relaunch of blue verified, and payments.

Unlike other social media platforms where users could write long-form posts, Twitter had a character limit for tweets. However, as per the recent details, Musk is planning to increase the character limit.

Musk to increase tweet character limit from 280 to 4,000

A user named “Allan Obare” replied to Musk’s tweet, questioning whether the social media platform is planning to increase the character limit for tweets. At present, Musk’s social media behemoth has a tweet character limit of 280. However, the user asked Musk whether it was being increased to 4,000.

Musk replied to the user’s tweet, confirming that the rumors about the character limit expansion are true. The increase in the character limit for tweets has been requested by several users for a long time. Musk has answered these requests, and it is finally coming. However, an estimated date for the launch of this feature has not been revealed yet.