Is Yooshi Listed on Binance?


Yooshi is yet to be listed on the popular exchange platform, Binance. There is currently a petition to get the meme coin listed on the platform. The petition on has garnered a total of 1,726 signatures out of the needed 2,500.

Binance platform offers the lowest trading fees compared to other known crypto exchanges in the US. The spot trading fee on the platform is 0.1%, yet that on eToro is 0.75% for BTC trades. Coinbase, however, charges a trading fee of 0.5%. Additionally, depending on the trade amount, Coinbase charges a fee of up to $2.99 per trade. The platform lists nearly 60 cryptocurrencies outpacing many other exchanges in the US. 

Currently, $Yooshi is not listed on any major crypto exchange. It is, however, listed on a variety of markets. Some of them include, MEXC, PancakesSwap (V2), HOTBIT KOREA, and Dogecoin.

The Yooshi NFT Auction on Binance Chain

In the coming days, the action of the unique Yooshi NFT collections will launch on the Binance NFT marketplace. The GameFi protocol will place the non-fungible tokens on sale to donate to charity.

Non-fungible tokens represent items that one can digitally reproduce. These reproducible items include digital files such as photos. 

Yooshi will auction these unique digital collectibles on November 9th at 12:00 UTC. Yooshi will auction ten of these collectibles, which are known as Yooshi Angel NFTs. The protocol announced on Twitter that all proceeds would go to Binance Charity. This non-profit organization accepts virtual currencies as charity donations.

The auction is not the only good thing happening for the $Yooshi token. Additionally, $YOOSHI burned more than 5 trillion tokens on November 5th. Yooshi tweeted about the burning. Consequently, on November 6th, the token was among the top weekly gainers. According to Cryptorank, in the last seven days, $YOOSHI surged by 355.2%.

Furthermore, the protocol continues to garner increased support. The protocol currently has more than 350,000 members on various social media platforms. 

About Yooshi

$Yooshi is a decentralized meme coin. The performance of meme coins such as $YOOSHI, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin is dependent on the marketing ability. SHIB and DOGE currently rank in the top ten in crypto assets market value.

Yooshi has a game metaverse where players can make profits as they earn profit. The Yooshi GamePad allows gaming developers to enjoy a number of pre-launch gaming supports. One of these supports includes selling unique in-game assets in trading marketplaces, NFT auction, NFT, or Farms.

$YOOSHI is currently trading at $0.000002289. This value is a 9.57% drop over the last 24 hours. The token’s current trading volume is $12,561,471.81, a 1.68% increase. The token currently ranks at #2784. $YOOSHI’s fully diluted market cap is $2,413,775,216.63.

According to WalletInvestor, $YOOSHI is a good digital coin to invest in as it is a “profitable investment option.” As a long-term investment, say 5 years, an investor can expect a revenue of up to more than 400%. WalletInvestor, however, warns that due to its low market capitalization, the token’s price is easy to manipulate.