Jim Cramer: “Instagram is a really terrific product, Twitter is Awful”

Jim Cramer CNBC Host
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Meta is working to launch a rival platform to Twitter. With the future of the blue bird social platform in question, reports of a Meta alternative began emerging in March of this year. Meta is already behind another major social media platform, Instagram. Moreover, Jim Cramer calls Instagram “a really terrific product,” while calling Twitter “Awful.”

“I say game set match Zuckerberg,” Cramer says. “Because he’s really learned his lesson. He understands that you want to be committed to the community. And Instagram is a very terrific product, and Twitter is Awful.” He adds that speaking to his daughter about using Twitter because it’s free, his daughter replied “The worst things in life are free.”

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Meta’s “Threads” alternative to Twitter is reportedly finalizing development and can be made available to the public very soon. When asked if he will migrate his content to Meta Threads, Jim Cramer replied, “I’ll put some Twitter in because I’m a masochist.”

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Threads appears to be very similar in terms of creating written content that can be reposted and commented on like Twitter. It will be linked directly to Instagram and will launch sometime on Thursday, according to BBC. Screenshots from bets tests of it showcase Threads as a “text-based conversation app.”