Jimmy Song’s Take On Proof of Stake Receives Criticism From Charles Hoskinson

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Jimmy Song’s Take On Proof of Stake Receives Criticism From Charles Hoskinson
Source: The Cryptonomist

Charles Hoskinson criticized Jimmy Song’s comment about proof-of-stake by completely going against Song’s view on the consensus. Jimmy Song is a prominent bitcoin developer and an expert who is quite famous on Twitter for shedding his views and opinions about the proof-of-stake consensus.

He has always taken a dig at the consensus and has always criticized it, stating that it doesn’t solve any problems. Song had recently grabbed the attention of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, who wrote against one of Jimmy’s tweets.

Earlier this month, he made a dig at the Ethereum network as well. He questioned the network’s decentralization by asserting that Ethereum’s switch to PoS wouldn’t resolve the Byzantine General’s Problem.

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Jimmy attracted Charles Hoskinon’s attention

In one of his recent tweets, Jimmy Song stated that “proof of stake is the ultimate dog and pony show.”

“You have to vote the way the centralized controllers want or else you lose your money. It’s got all the honesty of a 100% vote in a dictatorship, said Song in one of his tweets.”

However, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, didn’t quite agree with Song’s opinion. Hoskinson criticized Song, stating that “I didn’t know Jimmy did sequels, but the stupid is back, and boy it did not disappoint.”

The tweet also attracted the attention of several proof-of-stake fans, who gave Song an earful of comments.

“Remove cowboyhead and let your head breath! BTC hardly evolved since 13 years, destroys energy, is real slow, centralized/monopolised in 3 mining companies, high entry mining cost, can only do a transaction from A to B etc you first need to address that before opening da mouth.”

A Twitter user wrote

Song is not new to these criticisms and comments on his take on proof-of-stake. Considering that he came back with another tweet going against proof of stake after the previous tweet that received quite some backlash, Song is on a mission to go against PoS.

Will Song be back with another tweet? If he does, whom will he attract the criticism from next time? I guess we have to wait and find out.