Joe Rogan to Release New Podcast With Elon Musk Today

Joshua Ramos
Source: Joe Rogan Experience

The host of one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, Joe Rogan, has announced that he is set to release a new episode of his podcast with Elon Musk on Tuesday. Indeed, Rogan took to Instagram to announce the release of the episode, marking the fourth time that Musk will appear on the program.

Elon Musk remains one of the most divisive entities in the tech sector, with Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Experience unrivaled in the podcast space. Yet Musk has not been on the podcast in two years. His last appearance came in 2021, prior to his Twitter acquisition.

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Musk to Make Second Appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk remains one of the most popular and divisive personalities in tech and business. The billionaire is responsible for companies like SpaceX and Tesla. There are few personalities that have intrigued the general public as much as the X owner has. Now, he is set to sit down with one of the world’s most popular interviewers.

Indeed, Joe Rogan has announced that Elon Musk is set to make his fourth appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast today. Indeed, Rogan took to Instagram to announce the podcast release today. Moreover, he shared an image of himself shooting an arrow at Tesla’s highly anticipated CyberTruck.

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The upcoming episode will mark the first time in two years that Musk and Rogan have sat together. Indeed, the long-format interviews Rogan conducts are among the most popular on the planet. However, this discussion will be their first since Musk acquired one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet.

Musk first appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2018, primarily discussing Tesla. Subsequently, the appearance was viewed more than 68 million times on YouTube. Thereafter, he made appearances in 2020 and 2021 discussing Nueralink, SpaceX, and the CyberTruck. Conversely, this appearance should be immensely interesting considering the $44 billion Twitter takeover and the subsequent changes to the platform.