Justin Sun, Tron Founder, Buys Joker Tpunk NFT for $10.5 Million

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Justin Sun, the supremo of blockchain, Tron announced on Wednesday that he has purchased an NFT avatar for $10.5 million.

The NFT he bought is known as #3442. It is also nicknamed ’Joker”, due to its similar appearance to the highly popular Batman villain known by the same name.

The NFT is part of the Tpunks series, a collection of NFTs that aim to recreate the artistic style of the Cryptopunks. The Crypto are a hugely popular and successful NFTs on Ethereum.

The Joker Tpunk NFT is a series that includes some 10,000 avatars. Some of the avatars in the collection come with rare features, hugely coveted by designers.

Justin Sun is not a new entrant in the NFT niche. He was an enthusiastic bidder during Christie’s sale of Beeple’s “Everydays: the first 5000 days” NFT. At the time, Sun revealed that he put in a bid of $60 million to become the owner of the asset, but an anonymous buyer outbid him by $250 000 at the last hurdle.

NFTs are Wildly Popular

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, have caused quite a ripple in the world of cryptocurrencies. Apart from Sun, many other popular influencers, rappers, and actors, have dived into the space to utilize this new form of media.

Grammy Award winning rapper, JayZ, joined forces with Sotheby”s in June to auction an NFT inspired by his album, “Reasonable Doubt.” The NFT was called “Heir to the Throne.” The musician also changed his Twitter avatar to display a Cryptopunk. This made his followers speculate that he had acquired one.

Joker Tpunk NFT is Picking Up Steam

Sun’s purchase has caused the project to climb up to fourth place in the list of collectibles.

According to DappRadar, rare NFTs on the site have also gone up. Some offers have hit and exceeded the $800 000 mark,