Kadena Wallets: Everything You Need to Know

Kadena Wallets
Source: medium.com

Kadena is a layer 1 smart contract platform that is secured by a unique proof-of-work consensus algorithm. It is a blockchain ecosystem that is enterprise-grade and interconnected. This system is all about being fast, secure, and simple while allowing for high speeds and low transaction fees.

The Kadena system also contains unique chain architecture, cryptocurrency, developer tools, and a novel smart contract programming language. These contents enable developers and consumers to trade and exchange data widely in a decentralized manner.

Kadena’s price has exploded over the last month and here are the main things that you need to know before you decide to make an investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Kadena Wallets

Unique Programing Language

Kadena uses a unique programming language called Pact. The Kadena team has described this to be the first human-readable smart contract language. Its aim is to simplify smart contracts so that they are easier for you to work with.

Unlimited Scalability

Currently, Kadena is the fastest sharded layer-1 PoW blockchain. According to the Kadena team, the network is capable of handling 480,000 transactions per second. In August 2020, Kadena had an expansion. The current design now includes 20 subchains, called braided chains, which help improve the network’s throughput. This multichain architecture ensures that the transactions throughput.

User Friendly

Kadena’s unique architecture allows for more user-friendly app and wallet integrations. These help developers design applications where users can sign in with a simple password, use an application with fingerprint or face-id confirmation without having to repeatedly transfer funds between wallets.

NFT Features

Kadena also has some unique features for NFTs. These include giving developers the ability to code into the backend of an NFT directly, expanding the potential use cases for NFTs. This is a big advantage to companies that focus on gaming as it allows them direct connection to the NFTs without any connection to the game server.

Low Gas Fees

Kadena aims to decongest the blockchain ecosystem. As a result, traffic and gas prices will also reduce which is a great advantage to consumers. Kadena Wallet also works to connect different blockchains that share the same coin, allowing it to scale vertically well beyond previous PoW networks. In addition, this technique allows it to grow or shrink in response to the needs of the community.

Gas Station

A gas station is a pre-funded account that pays the gas for users to be onboarded and get involved. This key feature in Kadena gives developers the ability to eliminate gas fees for their users. It also eliminates the costs and technical barriers to entry. The rationale behind the gas station is to make mining easier over time and also accessible to the average person.

Invest Wisely

Kadena is going up. You do not want to miss this great investment opportunity especially if you are looking for a long-term investment. To avoid scammers, make sure that you are only buying tokens and interacting with smart contracts that come from official links.