Kanye West gives his take on the NFT wave with paparazzi

Sahana Kiran
Kanye West
Source – Wallpaper Access

The love-hate relationship that celebrities have with the paparazzi isn’t news. However, Kanye West’s latest encounter with the paparazzi could be stirring up something new particularly in the NFT space.

Celebrities have been time and again flashed with lights irrespective of where they are. The families of these celebrities aren’t spared either. While it is what puts food on their plate, Kanye West suggested that the paparazzi split the percentage they get.

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Arriving at the Miami International Airport, Ye was crammed as an array of photographers began clicking his pictures. Speaking to a paparazzi, Kanye West stated,

“It’s just really one-sided. You guys can follow us, you guys to stand from the hotel at any given time. You don’t give us any percentage of what you make off us, off our kids. And I’m going to change that.”

Replying to the rapper, a photographer pointed out how there wouldn’t have been documented history of celebrities if paparazzi put their camera down.

From the best to the worst, celebrities have had their moments captured for years by paparazzi. While it has emerged as a whole new industry itself, West was seen trying to revolutionize it. Therefore, he suggested the idea of bringing NFTs into the picture. He said,

“You know, NFT [non-fungible tokens] people get paid in perpetuity on the product that they put out. So my image is a part of something that I should get paid for. We all got to make money together.”

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Kanye West to hop onto the NFT bandwagon soon?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are making it big in every industry. Celebrities from all across the globe have been diving into the NFT space. Several of West’s counterparts like Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, Kings of Leon, and many others have already been smitten by the NFT bug.

Furthermore, Ye did not reveal his plans of getting into the industry yet. However, his latest move led to speculations about him rolling out his very own collection soon.