KuCoin Trading Bot : Everything You Need to Know


Kucoin bot is a trading robot that helps to maximize trading profit and reduce human errors in the trading markets. Markets are just data of prices of a currency with time. Although there are only two trading options, either buy or sell, many traders end up losing money in markets.

This is due to human errors and human emotions associated with trading. Kucoin bot brings in a different trading strategy. A strategy void of human emotions. It sticks to the trading strategy and exits trades in time, increasing profitability ratios.

KuCoin Trading Bot Strategies

The bot uses several trading strategies, but the most common are:

Classic Grit trading

This is the most common trading strategy. It is very efficient in fluctuating and trending markets since it seeks to buy low and sell high. It also sticks to trades in trending markets, thus taking out the maximum profits from the market. Some Crypto, e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum, are very volatile.

But, the bot will look for buy and sell opportunities based on the price ranges and the total grids. It will place trades in advance, waiting for the price to reach the orders and execute them, making the bot have close to perfect entries.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

This is a long-term trading strategy that has proven to work. It involves splitting your investments into small portions then putting orders at different prices at different time intervals. Though trading the strategy manually is a little hard, the Kucoin Bot is very efficient and has been profitable in long-term investments. It puts orders at the best prices at a given time and exits at the right time.

Smart Rebalance

This strategy maintains a profitable investment portfolio. In today’s market, holding crypto for long periods is profitable. Crypto holding has given the most returns in the past decade compared to other tradable assets.

If your crypto holding portfolio is 40% of your money as BTC, 40% as ETH, and 20% as Dogecoin, the percentages might change as prices fluctuate. Let’s say BTC is doing well and Dogecoin is dropping in prices, and your portfolio might change to 50% BTC, 40% ETH, and 15% Dogecoin.

The bot will sell some BTC and buy some Dogecoin to bring your portfolio back to 40% BTC, 40% ETH, 20% Dogecoin. This rebalances your portfolio. This is an amazing strategy because the bot will be buying low and selling high.

Why Should you Consider the Kucoin Bot?

Kucoin Bot is free of charge

Currently, we have so many bots in the markets. Unfortunately, most of them have subscription and access fees. The free ones happen to be so bad and are lagging. But the Kucoin has invested in a free bot that doesn’t lag and gives you amazing trades.

All you have to do is to open an account in Kucoin and deposit some trading money to use the bot.

Reduce trading risks

Trading the markets always comes with a risk of loss to the market. With the bot, this risk is reduced. The reward: risk ratio offered by the bot is higher than other bots and manual trading. The bot also gives you the best entry and exit prices. 

Reduce Human Errors

Most trading strategies don’t work because of human error and trying to beat the market. Kucoin bot sticks to a trading plan to the latter and doesn’t attempt risky trades against the market. It rather rides the profits on the pre-existing market trends.