Kyber Network’s Dark Day: $50 Million Drained in Decentralized Finance Attack

Sahana Kiran
Source – Altcoin Buzz

Kyber Network, a significant player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, has encountered a substantial setback as it became the target of a major security breach. This resulted in a significant loss of almost $50 million. The breach, unfolding across various chains, has sparked concerns regarding the security of decentralized financial platforms and the difficulties they encounter in upholding the integrity of user assets.

Kyber Network, renowned for its KyberSwap Elastic platform, holds a pioneering position in the DeFi sector. The platform enables users to exchange a variety of digital assets without relying on traditional intermediaries, aligning with the fundamental principles of decentralized finance. This incident comes at a crucial juncture for Kyber Network. This had previously gained substantial momentum during the “DeFi summer” period, marked by increased interest and investments in decentralized finance.

Magnitude of the Exploit

The security breach on Kyber Network unfolded across multiple chains, affecting mainnet, optimism, polygon, and arbitrum. According to cybersecurity firm PeckShieldAlert, the exploiter executed a multifaceted attack. This was done by transferring substantial amounts, including 1,000 Wrapped Ether (WETH), valued at about $2.06 million, to a suspicious address.

Community analysts reported losses across various chains. This includes 7.5 million on mainnet, 315k on Base, 15 million on Optimism, 2 million on Polygon, and 20 million on Arbitrum. The cumulative total of the exploit amounted to approximately $47 million. This marks one of the most substantial losses in recent DeFi history.

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Response and Recovery Initiatives

In response to the breach, Kyber Network promptly advised users to withdraw their funds. This is a precautionary measure and stresses the importance of avoiding phishing links. Notably, the KyberSwap aggregator, a distinct entity within the network, remains operational despite the exploit.

Kyber Network has committed to providing regular updates as its team delves into the incident and focuses on recovery efforts. Ongoing initiatives include a comprehensive understanding of the exploit’s mechanics and the implementation of enhanced security measures to thwart similar incidents in the future.

Impact on KyberSwap and Token Valuation

Data from DeFiLlama indicates that KyberSwap’s total value locked (TVL) experienced a 68% decline. This was within a few hours, with nearly $78 million exiting the protocol due to the hack and subsequent user withdrawals. Presently, KyberSwap’s TVL stands at $8.53 million, a substantial drop from its 2023 peak of $134 million. While the incident initially affected the token value, there are signs of recovery, with the token currently trading at $0.722 following the news of the exploit.


Furthermore, the Kyber Network team identified a vulnerability in April, prompting users to withdraw liquidity. Thankfully, no funds were lost in that incident, showcasing the team’s proactive stance toward security concerns.

Kyber Network’s recent security breach serves as a stark reminder of the challenges confronting DeFi platforms in safeguarding user assets. As the team diligently investigates and works to recover from the exploit, the incident underscores the critical need for continuous security enhancements in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

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