Before SaitaMask listing: Here’s the Heart-felt story of Lilly Finance

Vinod Dsouza
Lilly Finance token the survival of Lillian Bay health story
Lilly Finance is inspired by the survival story of a little girl suffering from serious health complications.

The CEO of Lilly Finance, Brad Beatty is building up momentum before the token gets listed on the SaitaMask app.

Brad is whipping up a storm on social media before the big launch by sharing ‘first pics’ of the token on SaitaMask. “My phone is like #Lilly,” he tweeted in what appears to show LY on his mobile phone on SaitaMask.

What Is Lilly Finance? A Heart-touching Miraculous Story of Survival

Lilly Finance is a DeFi token with a social cause that aims to bring a revolution in the health care system. LY offers diverse data management to the medical world that includes lab bench, medical billing, and diagnostics support.

The token funds’ medical research and medical technology, and aims to provide solutions to problems plaguing the health care sector. They also have a portion of in-house burning of the token and the amount directly goes to Children’s Charity wallets.

Lilly Finance is inspired by a beautiful young girl’s survival story after fighting a deadly disease. The little girl, Lillian Bay, is the daughter of the CEO and is now 12-years-old. She is also the brand ambassador of the token. Brad’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare disorder called ‘cystic hygroma‘ and has slim chances of survival.

The doctors said that Lillian needs multiple surgeries in order to survive and luckily, the Boca community raised funds for the surgeries. Lillian survived after receiving life-saving treatments at the John Hopkins All Children’s hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lillian is a role model to other children who are suffering from similar health issues. The name Lilly has become synonymous with possibility and overcoming all odds while living to tell the tale of success.

The survival of Lillian now continues with Lilly Finance with goals to help patients by revolutionizing the health care sector.

Lillian also has a book published on her named ‘Saving Lillian Bay: Miracles Happen‘.

“Lilly Finance will not only help the world via real use cases in the medical technology field. Our funding and research will provide solutions to humanity for years to come. We also have a portion of the burn in the token going directly to Children’s Charity wallets,” said CEO Brad Beatty in a press release.