BREAKING: Liquid Global Exchange Hacked Losing More Than $80 Million Dollars

Liquid Global Hacked

Liquid Global Exchange hacked!

The Japanese liquid exchange arguably the world’s most comprehensive and secure trading platform is down. It specializes in buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP with fiat or crypto . The company will to go offline until further notice

Hackers have moved $80 Million Dollars worth of digital content from the Japanese Liquid Global Exchange hence causing an uproar on the internet.

In an August 19  tweet, the company informed its followers that hackers transferred the assets. They uncovered pocket addresses implicated within the breach, and there will be an investigation on the matter. 

Liquid Exchange Hacked

The exchange confirmed the security breach in a Thursday tweet, with Liquid revealing wallet addresses implicated making the hack one of the biggest heists. It is however unclear how the hackers bypassed the securities of what is arguably the most secure exchange in the world.

Although Liquid Global has not made an official statement on the exact amount transferred, the addresses show that it was more than 107 bitcoins,11,000,000 XRP 9,000,000 TRX, and close to $60 million prices Ethereum and ERC-20.

A tweet by The company reads:


Meanwhile, another exchange, Kucoin, said blocked the hackers’ addresses.

Liquid Global offers trading services for significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum against the fiduciary currency in dollars (US, Singapore, and Australian), Japanese Yen, and Euros. The company’s specially design enables liquidity to the cryptocurrency community, hence enabling a hassle-free exchange.


Liquid company users are, however, hopeful that they can make withdrawals as soon as possible. Many with huge investments are crossing their fingers that the matter comes to an end. 

On November (18) 2020, Mike Kayamori, Liquid’s Chief Executive, confirmed another breach, claiming that the hacker gained access to its ’employees’ and users’ data.


We hope that going forward the exchange will beef up its cybersecurity to avoid such an occurrence from happening again. Even though this is not the first exchange hack we hope for better security going forward.