Man Who ‘Knocked’ on Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon’s Door Speaks Up

Vinod Dsouza
Chancers Terra LUNA Do Kwon home apartment intruder
Source: News 1 / BBC

TerraUST and LUNA fell to $0 last week wiping away every single penny from investors’ portfolio. Anger against Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon reached its peak accusing him of mishandling the situation. One desperate man barged into Do Kwon’s apartment in Seoul, South Korea, and rang the doorbell. The intruder asked Terra’s founder’s wife if her husband is home and fled the building. Do Kwon’s wife then sought police protection due to threats to her husband’s life.

The intruder is believed to have lost $2.4 million due to the dramatic crash leaving his life in tatters. The intruder is a cryptocurrency streamer known as ‘Chancers’ and revealed that the crash has left him devastated.

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“I felt like I was going to die,” said Chancers to the BBC and continued, “I lost a lot of money in a short period of time. Around $2.4 million of my cryptocurrency was wiped out.” He revealed he had invested $800,000 in Terra LUNA but saw all of it go down the drains.

Chancers revealed he has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and made good wealth throughout these five years. He also revealed that he became in the top 1% in terms of wealth but lost it all. “Here in Korea I was in the top 1% in terms of my finances. But thanks to the crash, I’m now in trouble.”

After the crypto came down like a pack of cards, Chancers revealed he Googled Do Kwon’s home address. When asked why did he break into his home in the first place, he said that he wanted to ask Do Kwon about his plans for Luna. “I wanted to ask him about his plans for Luna. I suffered a huge loss and wanted to talk to him directly.”

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Terra LUNA Revival

Do Kwon is doing everything possible to bring Terra LUNA back to life. The founder has proposed to Hard Fork LUNA and not connect it to UST and other algorithmic elements.

The governance vote is currently ongoing with 62% in favor of Do Kown’s proposal. The voting will come to an end tomorrow and Kwon might have his way. Read here to know more details about the Terra LUNA Hard Fork launch and snapshot dates.