Mastercard and Latin American Crypto Exchange Bitso Launch Debit Card in Mexico

Joshua Ramos
Source: Cryptoinforme

Mastercard has continued to expand its crypto partnerships, as it has worked with Latin American crypto exchange Bitso to launch a debit card in Mexico. Coindesk reported that Mastercard has previously partnered with Binance, Belo, and Buenbit in the region.

The exchange executed a rollout of the card for over 100,000 users who requested it. Moreover, Mexico enabled the card in November for customers to provide feedback. Now, the debit card is set to make its official launch in the country.

Mastercard Introduces Crypto Debit Card in Mexico

Previous reports noted that Mastercard was among several corporations stepping back from the crypto industry. As regulatory concerns abound throughout the United States sector, some businesses view concerns about potential regulation as reasons to suspend further exploration.

Alternatively, the payment processing company is moving forward with one partnership in South America. Mastercard and Latin American crypto exchange Bitxo are launching a debit card in Mexico following a successful progressive rollout.

Source: BeInCrypto

Bitso joins a growing list of crypto partnerships Mastercard has been a part of in the Latin American region. Specifically, they join partnerships already enacted with Binance, Belo, and Buenbit.

Coindesk reports that, although the company is seeking to take a step back from the crypto space, they are still engaging with partnerships. Specifically stating their intention to “work with partners to bring relevant payments solutions and programs to market.” Additionally, Bitso operates in Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia with more than 6 million users.