Matt Furie’s Pet Rat: $WAT

Jaxon Gaines

The creator of the iconic Pepe the Frog meme, Matt Furie is a well-known illustrator. His Boys Club art has spawned some iconic meme creations, such as Brett, Andy, and Landwolf. Yet, one of his most prominent works is The Night Riders, which features one of his favorite animals; rats. Now, the meme coin market is set to welcome a token inspired by Matt Furies pet rat WAT ($WAT).

The WAT coin first launched on the Ethereum network with a lot of potential. Its connection to Furie and its impact on meme culture makes the token a perfect fit for the current market. Moreover, it brings the spirit of Furie, his creation, and the love of his pet rat into the digital asset world.

WAT The Rat: The Next Great Meme Coin?

In Matt Furie’s The Night Riders, a rat and nocturnal frog get themselves into quite the adventure. The two animals embark on a journey toward sunrise and feature some incredible and unique artwork.

The book has provided an avenue for Furie to express his love of rats. The artist has previously said they remind him of small dogs. Their intelligence allows them to learn their names, respond to commands, and develop their unique personalities. That love has inspired the creation of a meme coin, Matt Furie’s Pet Rat WAT.

Reborn on a blockchain, $WAT features a three-phase roadmap to solidify its growth potential. First, the asset will build a community, and spread the fun of WAT. Then, they will target their goal of 100,000 holders. Finally, they will fulfill their destiny of conquering the entire meme coin universe.

Buying the WAT coin is rather simple, and can be done in five simple steps.

  1. Install MetaMask and ensure you have Ethereum (ETH).
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Uniswap Crypto exchange
  3. Swap ETH for WAT
  4. Adjust both the slippage and gas fees
  5. Import the acquired WAT Token into your MetaMask wallet

The WAT ecosystem is growing and has the potential to match some of the most popular meme coins inspired by Furie’s work. Ensure you’re connected to the growing WAT community by visiting their website, Telegram, and X (formerly Twitter).