McCormack ‘pleased’ with case ruling against self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator

Lavina Daryanani
Source: CoinGeek

Craig Wright has been quite adamant about his claim to be the creator of Bitcoin. Right from registering the Bitcoin White Paper as his own to putting on view private keys, he has tried to check a host of boxes on his part.

Over the years, people from space have openly disagreed with the fact that Wright is Nakamoto.

Prominent crypto podcaster Peter McCormack was one among the many who outrightly disapproved the same. Back in the day, he sent out multiple tweets allegedly defaming Wright and making him seem like a fraud. A bunch of his tweets was stand-alone, while the rest, were in response to other users. In fact, he had also openly asked Wright to sue him.

Well, Wright did not hold back. In April 2019, the self-proclaimed Satoshi filed a defamation suit against McCormack for a deleted tweet that apparently read:

“Craig Wright is not Satoshi [sic]!… When do I get sued?”

The latest verdict: Wright presented false evidence

There have been several twists and turns and defense alterations since then. However, fast forwarding to today, a judgment has finally been passed. U.K. High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain has ruled that Wright had advanced false evidence in his defamatory case against McCormack.

Even though the judge ruled that comments made by McCormack caused “serious harm” to Wright’s reputation, he was awarded only £1 for damages.

The ruling noted,

“… because he advanced a false case and put forward deliberately false evidence until days before trial, he will recover only nominal damages… Accordingly, I shall enter judgment for Dr. Wright on the claim in the sum of £1.”

Opining on the said ruling, McCormack tweeted,

“… the judgment in my trial v Dr. Craig Wright has now been handed down…. We are very pleased with his [Mr. Justice Chamberlain] findings.”

Users were particularly delighted with the ruling. ‘ndeet,’ for instance, tweeted,

“Congrats Peter. I hope you have the nerve and funds to further pursue justice and not allow him to exploit the legal system to harass and financially destroy people calling out his lies.”

McCormack further highlighted that the process is “not complete” yet. Even so, a few did not let go of the chance to derisively claim that the “poor reputation” of the “walking fraud” is now worth only £1.