Meadow Cash-Quizz to Earn! Time to Explore your Web3 Adventure

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Meadow Cash

Web3 initiatives have taken the digital world by storm. It seems to be pretty clear that we are quickly moving to the third generation of the internet, bidding goodbye to the second, web2. However, for many, there is a learning curve to entering the realm of web3. This is where Meadow Cash comes in. The firm has incentivized the learning process for anybody new or experienced in the space. Meadow Cash allows users to start an immersive web3 experience while earning tokens at the same time.

Mission Vision

The objective of Meadow is to revolutionalized learning. The value of knowledge will be spurred on by profitable incentives for learners. Performance-based learning platforms like Meadow Cash, where users are getting paid to learn, are a new but surprising attempt to disrupt the Learning Economies of the world. It’s built with an aim to reconnect education and the workforce using blockchain as the underpinning infrastructure. Meadow Cash has the vision of becoming an incubation center for young talents who can share the rich knowledge that has been accumulated over a long time. They will create economic conditions and help develop a future with the criterion of Raising Knowledge Value.

What services does Meadow Cash provide?

The premiere product is the learn-to-earn feature. Users can take their first steps into the world of Web3 while earning something for themselves along the way. Learn-to-earn has become a sought-after practice among many web3 firms. Meadow Cash seems to be taking the necessary steps to not only educate the masses on web3 workings but also to monetize the process, thereby giving users additional reasons to hop on to web3 platforms.


Meadow Cash also has a PoW (Proof-of-Work) Bitcoin (BTC) mining simulation game. Users can earn rewards by contributing their efforts to the platform. Blockchain gaming is a budding industry with many new and interested players. Furthermore, during the summer crash of 2022, blockchain gaming was one of the least affected industries, as profit-making is not the primary goal of gamers.


Users can also earn rewards by referring the platform to their contacts, allowing them to monetize their social network. Rewards for referrals are nothing new, but integrating the initiative on the platform seems like a smart way to grow the user base. Incentivizing the act of getting more users is another way to keep the users interested in the project.

The platform also has a wallet feature. New users can create their very first crypto wallet on the platform. Users can stake, swap and transfer their stored cryptocurrencies via various exchange channels.



Meadow Token (MGT) is the native token for the Meadow Cash platform. Moreover, as per the whitepaper, 4% goes to the advisors, 35% is allocated to the ecosystem, 20% to the team, 15% to the Pinksale launchpad, and 25% goes to the community.


Roadmap for Meadow Cash

The firm has a clear roadmap laid in front. In Q4 of this year, the platform aimed to launch on Android and iOS, reaching 50 million users globally. The team also plans to expand on its scaling solutions to facilitate strong user growth.

In the first half of 2023, the firm plans to collaborate with other web3 platforms for further growth. The firm also plans to scale up its earning games, along with wallet solution integration.

By the second half of 2023, Meadow Cash aims to become one of the largest web3 communities. They plan to have a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) style governance structure. Furthermore, the firm plans on more diverse applications, including middleware solutions.



MeadowCash offers Quiz-to-Earn and other gamified learning experiences, having attracted over 2 million members to the community. It is also aiming at forming an engaging ecosystem of community-owned economies by facilitating and optimizing the onboarding flows for all Web3 pathfinders. They are going to offer learning experiences that develop three components of life – health, wealth, and mind. The most attractive of these offerings is their community-owned refer-a-friend program for those looking for passive income through referral links. Furthermore, at this stage of the development process, Meadow Cash with Android and IOS operations is eventually gaining popularity in the blockchain industry at large.

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