Mekaverse NFT: All You Need to Know

Mekaverse NFT

The MekaVerse inspiration comes from Japan Mecha universes. It is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas with hundreds of elements.

Each NFT is unique, with a distinct color palette and creation. The idea was to prioritize quality over quantity.


This roadmap outlines the goals and direction for MekaVerse. They are working on several ideas and concepts. MekaVerse will undergo evolution over time to become better.

The Launch

The launch is factoring quality rather than quantity. And the objective is to ensure the Drop is fantastic with several rarity criteria and a lot of new Lore concepts.

The release date is yet to be announced as soon as the project’s technical aspects and quality fully progress. The goal is to work with the community to make Discord and Twitter cooler with unique additions all through.

Physical Part

Mekas has a massive capability as physical creations. They have a passion for 3D printing and aim to bring the concept to life with high-quality materials.

After several talks with famous toymakers, they are currently working on some mysterious concepts.

Mekaverse also aims to create merchandise and clothing using high-quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics.

By following their design principles, they will do everything possible to create a fantastic product before, during, and after the launch of the first Drop!

MekaVerse x Artists

There are a lot of artists in the NFT community and beyond! There are plans in which each Meka is made in collaboration with likeable artists.

MekaVerse would create a small collection of 1/1 unique Mekas by artists, with all proceeds going to them! The collections are of importance since they would connect society to these NFTs.

Meka Multiverse

After presenting the original Mekas, they will explore more abstract subjects to present a second, very distinct drop. They aim to enlarge the universe aesthetically, and there will be a description for each relationship between the Meka Dimensions

MekaVerse is planning to blend artistic disciplines and move beyond their comfort zone in terms of styling. They are also exploring collaboration options with famous mecha licenses on future releases. That would be awesome!

Future of Mekas

When all of these stages are done, they’ll embark on maintaining the Meka Universe. With a background in design, they have a passion for Short films, Art, Physical and Digital Exploration and are eying more expeditions.

Mekaverse believes in your support! They are keen on seeing what happens in the future!