MetaMask Warns Apple Users as a Man Lost $650,000 in a Phishing Scam

Vignesh Karunanidhi
MetaMask Warns Apple Users as a Man Lost $650,000 in a Phishing Scam
Source: MetaMask

Digital wallet provider MetaMask alerts Apple users of an increasing e-mail phishing scam that will probably loot the users of their MetaMask assets.

MetaMask warning popped up following a user who fell victim to a phishing scam.

A MetaMask user who lost $650,000

MetaMask came to be aware of the attack after a victim took it out to Twitter. A user named Domenic Iacovone wrote a tweet to his community about how he lost almost $650,000 in assets.

He also added to the series of tweets about what exactly happened and how he lost the assets.

This is how it happened, Got a phone call from apple, literally from apple (on my caller Id) Called it back because I suspected fraud and it was an apple number. So I believed them They asked for a code that was sent to my phone and 2 seconds later my entire MetaMask was wiped.

Domenic’s tweet

After the attacker gained control, they accessed Domenic’s vault and stole NFTs and ApeCoin worth $650k.

Dape NFT founder, who goes by the handle Serpent, dug out to write a detailed report about the whole incident.

As a precaution, he asked the whole community always to use a cold wallet to store their assets. He also asked the community to be cautious of scammy impersonating calls and never give out verification codes to anyone.

MetaMask’s warning to the community

In response to the whole scenario, MetaMask tweeted to the community about the rising phishing attacks and warned the users to stay cautious.

The team warned that iCloud users are in a risk of falling victim to a phishing attack which can eventually lead to them losing all of their assets. The users who have allowed iCloud to backup their MetaMask details and passwords are at the greatest risk.

The team also wrote down detailed instructions on how to safeguard themselves from the attack.