Metaverse: Re-State Launches Worlds First MetaUniversity

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: CNET

The Re-State Foundation, a Swiss non-profit foundation, has launched what is now the world’s first meta-university in the metaverse. The Re-State Foundation is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to bringing together leaders from the corporate and public sectors, as well as developing and testing alternative governance models.

As per the official statement by Re-State Foundation, the MetaUniversity has gone live on the Meta-metaverse digital platform

Joel Dietz, founder, and CEO of Metametaverse said,

“The Metaverse represents a powerful testbed for new governance models that are more human-centered, inclusive, responsive, and pluralistic. Open knowledge and accessible education should be top priorities for the next generation of metaverses. It is imperative to make structures and incentives underlying our digital ecosystem evolve alongside its technological foundations.”

What does a University in the Metaverse aim to do?

MetaUniversity’s vision is to co-create all vital knowledge linked to governance and collaboration from the past, present, and future for a systemic progression toward a united human consciousness. It connects and provides space for all educational institutions now operating in various metaverses, in addition to web3 educational materials and collaboration. 

The MetaUniversity’s unique goal is to collect all human knowledge about collaboration and the future of governance together in one place. It aims to be a global academic network of outstanding scholars and institutions engaged in study on topics such as the evolution of human collaboration, new tools for the future of governance, Web3 and crypto economy, digital identity solutions, and other related topics.

In an ever-increasing attempt to make education more accessible, the MetaUniversity will also serve as a portal via which users will be able to access various educational places in other metaverses. All users of different educational metaverses will be able to observe and navigate to other educational metaverses thanks to the Meta Metaverse protocol.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a massive shift in our lives into the digital realm. Classes were held online, so were work meetings, social gatherings, and many more. There is no doubt that the future of humankind is written in the digital realm. Hence it is of no surprise that universities are now moving into the metaverse. Although we are in the early stages of this mass movement, it can be said that the future has already begun.