Method Man Set Release NFT as a Comic Series

Method Man NFT

Method Man, a Wu-Tang Clan rapper and producer, is launching his new comic series. The first part of this Tical World Saga called “Part One: Origin” includes original artwork, animations. And music tracks.

Alex Smetsky, a New York-based artist and Method Man, has signed the first release, including Killa Beez. Killa Beez is the name given to a collective of rappers associated with the Wu-Tang Clan. The group has put out two albums: 1998’s The Swarm and 2002’s Sting, released under this moniker.

The Tical World pre-order will include exclusive music from the hip-hop legend himself. Also, it will contain an unreleased film of his production and 3D digital animation showing off how it all began. Other bonus goodies are a gold VIP card for the athlete’s club called “Tical Athletics” and some great sports clothing lines that he has created.

The comic is built on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, which hosts the hugely popular CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shots NFTs.

Method Man’s Crypto Journey

This is not Method Man’s first taste of crypto. The rugged rapper and Wu-Tang Clan have his Vocals released a new jingle shared by C.R.E.A.M. finance. The video is doing well on Youtube, with 5,072 so far. Yet, Method Man has not validated the performance.

Tical World isn’t the only comic universe receiving the NFT treatment this year. In June, Marvel Comics announced it’s stepping into the NFT space. The partnership with VeVe saw them release a range of digital collectibles, including sculptures and 3D models. These include the DC Bombshells series from rival DC comics. The piece has already gained fans for its gorgeous figures available at a low price point.

The latest Marvel collectibles are Spider-Man digital sculptures that retail between $40 and $400. There are also five variant covers which were the original 1939 comic book by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (and features Captain America).

The world of NFTs is about to get a lot more diverse.

The collectible crazes that have dominated over the last century are finally making their way into this exciting new platform for trading virtual goods on blockchain technology.

Non-Fungible Tokens

With the recent rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens, artists have found themselves with a new way to sell their work. These unique items allow buyers who buy them at auction or on an artist’s website access rights for using that specific piece – whether it be as decor or something more creative like light painting.

The future of art is now at your fingertips. With NFTs, an artist can create and trade original pieces traceable should an exchange occur. Additionally, they cannot destroy them since QR codes stay on personal details.