Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin Hits $2.3B Unrealized Profit

Source: Bloomberg

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin investment is now at a $2,300,000,000 unrealized profit, according to his portfolio tracker. Amid Bitcoin ETF approval expectations, his stash of Bitcoin has grown plenty over the past few weeks.

Bitcoin has been on the rise throughout 2023, especially in the past year. The software firm has long been led by the Bitcoin enthusiast, with his optimism and trust paying off. As a result, Saylor’s investment expects to see more growth, especially if the SEC grants approval to all pending Bitcoin ETF applications.

At the end of November, MicroStrategy purchased an additional 16,130 BTC. The current value of Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin purchase is up to $710 067 601.50 already, up by over $100,000,000 in less than a week.

The upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024 will shape the near future of Bitcoin price. Most analysts suggest that as we creep towards the halving, BTC will rally even more. Combined with any Spot Bitcoin ETF applications being approved, don’t be surprised if Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin stash increases even further in unrealized value beyond the $3 billion threshold.

Michael Saylor continues to be optimistic about Bitcoin. Therefore, Microstrategy’s BTC holdings may also rise in volume soon, not just value.