Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Bitcoin Holdings Worth Over $10B

Joshua Ramos
Source – Decrypt

Michael Saylor’s business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy, has seen its Bitcoin holdings now worth more than $10 billion. Indeed, the total value of the holdings has skyrocketed as the asset is nearing the $53,000 mark to close out the week. Moreover, the company’s Bitcoin investment has simultaneously eclipsed $4 billion in profit.

In a recent investor presentation, Microstrategy stated that they had acquired a total of 190,000 BTC for a total of $5.93 billion. Subsequently, that acquisition came at $31,224 per BTC. Therefore, the overall profit of the early Bitcoin bet is paying off big amid its noticeable surge over the last week.

Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy has seen its Bitcoin holdings now worth more than $10 billion, with $4 billion in profit
Source: Bloomberg

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MicroStrategy Bitcoin Holdings Surpass $4 Billion in Profit

For many digital asset investors, 2024 was set to be a monumental year. Specifically, it would see the price of Bitcoin lead the industry to a massive uptick in value. The presence of newly-approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs would set the stage for what could be a vital year for its value growth.

Subsequently, some of the earliest believers in the asset are seeing their investments pay off. Among them is none other than Michael Saylor, whose business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy has seen its Bitcoin holdings surpass $10 billion in value.

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Indeed, the value of those holdings has seen a massive uptick as BTC itself has observed quite a surge over the last week. Surpassing $52,000 earlier, the price is slowly near the key $53,000 level. Amid that increase, MicrStrategy’s holdings have resulted in $4 billion worth of profit.

MicroStrategy first began its Bitcoin acquisition plan in 2020 and has increased its holdings in every single quarter since. Since just last year, the value of those tokens has doubled following a 20% rally since 2024 first started. Conversely, with the Bitcoin halving on the horizon, the value of those tokens should continue to grow.