Microsoft Word Integrates ChatGPT Through new ‘Ghostwriter’ Third-Party Add-On

Joshua Ramos
Source: Forbes

Although Microsoft has revealed its intention to eventually integrate OpenAI’s viral chatbot into a host of its systems and products, users can currently gain access to its functions in a different way. Microsoft Word integrates ChatGPT through a new third-party add-on called Ghostwriter.

Geekwire announced the add-on that allows users to interact with ChatGPT in a sidebar while constructing their document. The interface allows users to observe the AI “content generated by the natural language chatbot unfurl directly in the document they’re drafting.”

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Microsoft Already Integrating ChatGPT Tech

It is difficult to understate the viral sensation that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become. An AI program that provides human-like responses has seemingly blown away all expectations of what previous incarnations of the like have been capable of. Concurrently, it has boasted a following of millions at a faster rate than some of the most popular applications and platforms.

In the midst of its meteoric rise, Microsoft announced a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment into the AI research and development firm. A collaboration that will undoubtedly see the tech giants’ vast array of products integrated with the chatbot. Although those integration measures have yet to take place, users can currently interact with the program in one interesting way.

Mircosoft Word has now integrated ChatGPT through a new third-party add-on called Ghostwriter. The creation of Patrick Husting, a Seattle entrepreneur and software developer, GhostWriter eliminates the need for users to navigate between windows using the Word program and the chat bot.

The application has already received approval from Microsoft and is available today in the Office add-on store. Currently, the basic edition of the program comes with a $10 one-time fee and allows the utilization of ChatGPT while limiting the response to two paragraphs. Conversely, the Pro edition, a $25 fee, offers an array of OpenAI language models and configurable response length, according to GeekWire.