Millennium Management Discloses $2B Spot Bitcoin ETF Portfolio

Bitcoin ETF
Source: Pixabay

Global investment management firm Millennium Management has disclosed buying spot Bitcoin ETFs, according to an SEC filing. Millennium Management disclosed its Bitcoin ETF holdings on Wednesday, and they constitute 3% of its $64 billion fund as of the first quarter.

The latest SEC filing reveals that Millenium has Bitcoin ETF holdings with BlackRock, ARK21, Bitwise, Fidelity, and Grayscale. Millenium Management holds over $844M in ETF shares under BlackRock, the far-and-away leader. The total Fidelity Bitcoin ETF isn’t far behind, with Millenium investing north of $800M in the asset as well. Several more companies and banks have announced investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs in recent weeks and months. These include institutions like Hightower and JPMorgan Chase.

Throughout 2024, Spot Bitcoin ETFs have become a massive part of the dialogue within the finance sector. Indeed, the investment offerings saw their inaugural approvals issued in January. Since then, they have only increased in prominence through their immense success.

The news of Millenium Management’s Bitcoin ETF holdings also comes as BTC has been on a bullish climb, up to $66,000 today, a 7% 24-hour climb. The asset is growing more popular amongst investment companies as a new asset for their clients, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down.