Milo Inu: Emerging Coin out for Crypto-Justice

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Milo Inu

Milo Inu is a Binance Smart Chain-based crypto project. According to the company it is currently creating a global brand using its extensive in-house animation team to create a brand that will be recognized not only by the crypto community but also by the larger investment community as a whole.

Milo Inu wants to create virtual idols based on intellectual property (IP) in the cryptocurrency realm. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), physical dolls, peripheral products, GameFi, competitive LAN e-sports, and other forms of marketing will all be used to promote the Milo Inu brand. The token is now available on OKX, GATEIO, MEXC, HotBit, PancakeSwapV2, and other exchanges.

Milo Inu’s background story

According to the company, Milo Inu has an interesting backstory. Milo grew up in the world of dogs but was treated very poorly by his fellows. Luckily in his adolescence, Milo found a friend in a mysterious dog that could see the good within Milo. This mysterious dog took Milo under his wing and taught him the art of self-defense which subsequently began Milo’s journey for justice.

Source: Milo Inu, Twitter


Milo Inu has a total supply of 690 Trillion tokens. MILO is its official token name.

Total initial supply – 690 trillion tokens
42% of the supply has been burned.
25% of the supply has been locked for 69 years in UniCrypt for initial liquidity.
12% has been reserved for marketing.
10% has been reserved and locked for GameFi.
5% has been reserved and locked for the team and will continue to be re-locked.
Milo Inu is a 0% tax token.
All liquidity is provided by the team and their institutional investors.

MILO’s development plans can be separated into four modules that will all interact with each other to push the totality of the Milo Inu brand. These include memes, GAMEfi, NFTs, and Milo’s world.


How to purchase Milo Inu tokens?

Milo Inu can be purchased by first creating a MetaMask wallet. Users then need to transfer BSC into their MetaMask wallet. Users will then need to connect their wallet to PancakeSwap, to swap BSC for MILO tokens. You can also buy Milo Inu on the top-tier exchanges we listed earlier. Milo Inu recently gained the attention of the entire crypto world by being within the top 10 tokens purchased by the top 1000 largest wallets on BSC.

Milo Inu is unique from other cryptocurrency projects in that it expands its ecosystem through a series of animations that include NFTs, Gamefi, physical dolls, and peripheral products. Everything is done in-house by their animation and design team.

To know more about Milo Inu, visit their website, whitepaper, Twitter, or Telegram.