Leaked Luna ‘War Room’ Chat Log Goes Online For Public Viewing

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Do Kwon Terra Luna Scam
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A Terra validator named THORmaximalist had leaked the Luna 2.0 ‘war room’ chat log yesterday. The leaked version of the Telegram group named “Terra Rebirth League” show the Terraform Labs team clueless and worried about how to control the situation. Its founder Do Kwon was also in the Telegram group along with top leaders and validators.

However, the Twitter handle ‘FatManTerra‘ tweeted the missing pages of the chat logs today. He revealed that the Telegram ‘war room’ chat log was provided to him by an anonymous source. The handle ‘FatManTerra’ has been on the forefront in providing information about the inside happenings of the Terraform Labs team.

“An anonymous source has provided me with the missing pages from the internal validator chat. The link is in the next tweet. Make no mistake – a chain halt was necessary – but it would be interesting to see if anyone in here maps to the big LUNA buys that happened right before,” he tweeted.

He tweeted the entire Terra Luna ‘war room’ Telegram chat log named “Terra Rebirth League” here.

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‘FatManTerra’ also accused the Terraform Labs team of having prior knowledge about the ‘halt’ of the block. However, the team had previously denied the accusations.

“TFL publicly told everyone that nobody knew about the halt before it happened. This document proves that over 50 people did. Knowing the exact block of the halt allows you to make a metric sh*tload of money since you know *exactly* when LUNA (now LUNC) will reverse in price.”

Terra Luna 2.0

Terra Luna Hard Fork
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Terra Luna 2.0 is down double digits since yesterday and is struggling to move up at price. The new crypto is finding it hard to trade in the double digits in the indices as it’s now at $6. Buying pressure for Luna 2.0 has declined as investors are seeing it with skeptic’s eyes.

Add to its burden, the South Korean government has launched two investigations into the workings of Terraform Labs including its founder Do Kwon. The team is not out of the legal waters yet and any wrongdoings unearthed by the authorities can send Luna 2.0 crashing down.

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At press time, Terra Luna was trading at $6.41 and is down 10.2% in the 24-hours day trade. The new crypto was launched on May 27 for $17.8. However, it fell 80% on day 1.