MrBeast Plans to Raise $150M at a $1.5B Valuation as per Reports

Vignesh Karunanidhi
MrBeast Plans to Raise $150M at a $1.5B Valuation as per Reports
Source: Rolling Stone

MrBeast is undoubtedly one of the largest YouTubers out there. He is most famous for the unique videos that he creates on a large scale, and creates like no one else. Starting out as a small Youtuber, he has now expanded his kingdom into restaurant and burger chains, merchandise, charity, and many more ventures.

As per the latest reports from Axios, MrBeast is looking to expand his empire with new fundraising. At a rough valuation of $1.5 billion for his overall business, he is now planning to raise $150 million for his ventures, with the information coming according to three sources familiar to Axios.

The new funding will help ramp up MrBeast’s game

The MrBeast channel, which was created in February 2012, has grown to a tremendous level since its inception. However, one of the viral videos that was created by him is the recreation of the Netflix show “Squid Game”.

As per the data from Socialblade, MrBeast is the seventh-largest YouTube channel in terms of subscriber count. However, he also has different channels in different languages. He has translated his English videos with voice-overs and is becoming a hit in many languages.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is quite known for the dedication, time, and effort that he puts into each video.

He also runs additional YouTube channels that include a reaction channel (19.8 million subscribers), a gaming channel (29.1 million subscribers), and a shorts channel (16.2 million subscribers).

MrBeast is planning to expand his venture globally with new investments, and he has been reportedly talking with venture capitalists to make this dream come true. Apart from the YouTube channel, his MrBeast Burger chain has spread across 1,000 locations in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The new funding will further help him to expand his Feastables chocolates, MrBeast Burger, and subsequent charity, and also improve his Youtube videos.