Mysterious Shiba Inu Whale Buys $750 Million Worth SHIB Coins in the Last 10 Days

Vinod Dsouza

A mysterious and unidentified Shiba Inu whale purchased a staggering $750 million worth SHIB coins in the last 10 days. The large bag of purchase has surprised the investors’ community.

The whale has been steadily and religiously filling up his/her bag with humongous amounts of Shiba Inu coins. Since the last 10 days, the whale has brought large bags of SHIB seven times totaling it to $750,000,000.

It is not known if the whale is an individual investor, a business entity or a financial institution. However, considering the large amount in question, the whale certainly has to be a financial institution. Nonetheless, the whale’s identity still remains a mystery and is not confirmed.

‘Does the Shiba Inu Whale Know Something We Don’t Know?’

Murmurs are all over social media that the whale could be none other than Robinhood. Tweets like ‘does the whale know something we don’t know?’ in reference to a Robinhood listing is doing the rounds.

In addition, many claim that the leading exchange platform is taking an entry position before announcing listing SHIB on board. Firstly, none of it is confirmed and secondly, Robinhood rumours are getting wings of its own and mostly isn’t true.

Others claim that the whale could be Elon Musk and is secretly trading in SHIB. Similarly, many other celebrities and businessmen names were dropped. However, none of it is true as it remains officially unconfirmed.

Above all, considering the sheer volume of the purchase, we can’t blame the investors for ‘thinking what they’re thinking’. Many whale watchers have now kept their eye on the wallet address on and are regularly checking its moves.

In conclusion, there is no way to know the whale’s identity until and unless the person or the business entity reveal themselves. The odds of that happening is unlikely.

The Superstar Crypto

Shiba Inu shot up +900% in October, 2021. The coin attracted heavy buying pressure and its sell orders drastically reduced. This signals that investors are in it for the long time and development like these show that its price could propel further.

A lot of retail investors took entry position in SHIB last month and its holders are growing by the day. Investors believe that the coin can breach the 1 Cent mark sooner than they imagine and create massive wealth.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00006669 and is down -4.4% in the days trade. The coin still displays extreme bullish sentiments and could knock out a zero by the end of the year.