New AI Meme Coin Raises Over $7M in Presale – Can WienerAI Explode? 

Dave Baker

WienerAI ($WAI) is enjoying a sensational presale run, having surpassed $7 million in presale earnings within a few months.

WienerAI is not just another meme coin that lacks utility, as it’s leveraging the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence to build an AI crypto trading bot. It’s also offering staking throughout the presale phase with generous yields.

The combination of utility and the growing popularity of AI tokens and meme coins has led some analysts to consider $WAI as a high-potential coin to watch.

WienerAI Raises $7 Million in Presale, Early Investors Will Receive 160% Staking Yield

In just a few months of launching, the WienerAI presale has garnered significant interest – raising more than $7 million.

Currently, $WAI is priced at just $0.000725 per token on presale. With an investment of just $100, investors will receive 137,931 $WAI tokens. The WienerAI presale is compatible with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and BNB (BNB).

It is important to note that the $WAI presale price increases with each subsequent round. With the next price jump scheduled in just 24 hours, interested investors have no time to waste.

To heighten your earnings on WienerAI, the platform is also allocating a significant portion of tokens through its staking mechanism. This is a great tool to incentivize long-term holding, as $WAI holders are promised regular passive income.

At press time, $WAI can be staked to generate an APY (Annual percentage yield) of 161%. Since the staking mechanism launched, over 6.4 billion tokens have been staked. Since the APY will reduce as more tokens are staked, the earlier you stake, the more you will earn.

From $WAI’s total supply of 69 billion, 20% will be allocated through staking pools.

This Part Sausage, Part Dog Meme Coin Offers Advanced AI Trading Capabilities

On the surface, WienerAI seems like another cute meme token with its part-sausage part-dog exterior. However, WienerAI is also your ultimate cryptocurrency trading companion.

By leveraging the power of AI technology, WienerAI builds its crypto trading bot. The bot has been created keeping simplicity in mind, as the goal is to make trading less complicated for users.

The WienerAI chatbot acts as your crypto assistant. You simply input your questions related to crypto trading, and the bot does all of the hard work. On the official WienerAI X page, the platform terms itself the ‘ChatGPT of crypto.’

The platform uses AI predictive technology to scan the crypto markets for winning trades. It also studies the historical prices of various tokens and tracks real-time price movements to search for new investment opportunities.

To make your life even easier, the trading bot can conduct token swaps and suggest the best entry prices available across the top decentralized exchanges. What’s even better is that WienerAI does not charge any trading fees.

Growing AI Crypto Market Could Make WienerAI a Top Investment Opportunity

With the soaring demand that WienerAI has observed through its presale, could $WAI become one of the top meme coins in the long term?

We believe that the successful presale could help WienerAI secure top-tier listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges. This will help push the trading volume and potentially the token price soon, and numerous analysts have commented on the token’s potential.

WienerAI is also audited by SolidProof, the top platform for conducting smart contract audits and reviews. This helps guarantee the credibility of WienerAI.

However, the major factor determining WienerAI’s growth potential is the growing dominance of the AI space. AI coins have a current market cap of nearly $25 billion, slowly becoming one of the top-performing niches in the crypto space.

This corresponds with the overall growth in the AI space – which is expected to reach a valuation of $826 billion by 2030. With companies such as Fetch.AI and OpenAI coming up with new AI technologies and use cases, the AI revolution is just getting started.

WienerAI, with its sensational trading bot and predictive algorithms, could be right at the center of this AI revolution. Buy $WAI now through the presale.

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