New Crypto Launch to Watch: Base Dawgz Presale Raises $200K on First Day – Next Meme Coin to Explode?

Paigambar Mohan Raj

Meme coin mania is still in full swing as the new Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) presale blasts off. Launched only yesterday, the meme coin presale has already seen $200,000 pour in from investors.

This impressive start reflects the growing anticipation and excitement surrounding the launch of this unique token.

Base Dawgz Could be the Next Viral Base Meme Coin

$DAWGZ capitalizes on the rapidly growing Base chain ecosystem that’s home to a budding meme coin community. It also harnesses the power of the meme coin dog theme — a narrative that dominates the top ranks of meme coins, with seven out of the top ten featuring man’s best friend.

Beyond its playful theme, Base Dawgz integrates a share-to-earn utility and plans to introduce staking rewards in the future. This utility-driven approach means that $DAWGZ is not only a meme coin but also a rewarding asset for its community.

Although the Base chain — created by Coinbase — is relatively new, it has swiftly reached a market capitalization of over $2 billion. The Layer 2 chain has rapidly taken off partly due to the involvement of the second-largest crypto exchange and also because of how it handles Ethereum’s scaling issues, offering secure, speedy, and low-cost transactions.

The Base Dawgz token primarily operates on the Base chain but is designed to channel the adventurous ‘spirit of base jumping’ by ensuring interoperability across multiple chains.

The token is available on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. This multi-chain capability adds to $DAWGZ’s appeal by providing users with greater flexibility and opportunities as they “base jump” across different blockchain ecosystems.

The presale is currently in Stage 1 with a discounted price of $0.00479 per $DAWG token. However, this price is set to rise in just 6 days, meaning buyers have limited time to lock in tokens at the lowest price. This incentivizes early adoption but also means early investors have the potential to reap the highest returns.

The $DAWGZ presale website allows users to buy $DAWGZ using ETH, SOL, BNB, AVAX, and USDT through a convenient widget.

Could $DAWGZ fellow Base meme coin BRETT, up 11,902%?

We’ve seen the meteoric rise of other Base meme coins like Brett, DEGEN, and social media token Now Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) looks set to be the next trending meme coin on the Coinbase-created Layer 2 chain.

Although not yet as huge as WIF, BONK, TRUMP, or BODEN Solana meme coins, communities around Base meme coins like BRETT and TOSHI are making waves across the crypto landscape.

DEGEN, the first meme coin to make a splash on Base, reached a market cap of $810 million.

The newer $BRETT hit a new all-time high market cap of $1.27 billion in June. $BRETT continues to maintain a market cap above $1 billion. It’s seen a recent price surge of 37% this month to sit comfortably at $0.113.

These figures highlight the substantial market potential for meme coins on the Base chain and provide a strong foundation for the launch of $DAWGZ.

Base Dawgz Introduces Share-to-Earn to the Shiba Inu World

Central to Base Dawgz’s marketing is its share-to-earn system, rewarding users with points for sharing $DAWGZ-related content on social media.

By clicking the ‘refer and earn’ button and connecting their wallets, users can generate referral links and earn 5% of the purchased amount from those they refer.

All shared and created content will earn $DAWGZ holders points redeemable for $DAWGZ tokens. This innovative approach fosters community creativity and growth through the power of viral memes while increasing the value of the $DAWG token.

Fifteen percent of the total token supply (8,453,000,000) is allocated for $DAWGZ rewards. The presale offers 20% of the token supply, with another 20% each reserved for staking and liquidity, 15% for marketing, and 10% for listings.

Audited by Solid Proof, the Base Dawgz smart contract is non-upgradable and fully renounced, ensuring security and integrity with no possibility of altering the supply or introducing backdoors.

Base Chain is Catching Up on Solana

While Solana may have been the leading chain for investor interest last quarter, the newly launched Base chain emerged as one of the most popular among Ethereum Layer 2s.

Unlike Solana, which is a Layer 1 blockchain, Base is a Layer 2 for Ethereum, enhancing scalability, speed, and cost-efficiency. Despite launching in August last year, Base has already matched Solana’s transaction speeds, with further improvements promised.

Solana has long boasted its ability to process 1,000 transactions per second. However, on average, about 50% of these transactions fail, causing some to doubt the potential for long-term growth.

As a Layer 2 solution, Base benefits from cheaper execution fees than Ethereum while still enjoying the decentralized security of Ethereum, offering a more stable and secure environment.

In terms of on-chain transactions, Solana still leads with 4.5 million compared to Base’s 53 million. However, in fiat value in transfers from unique active wallets interacting with dApps, Base outshines with $1.76 billion against Solana’s $1.1 billion.

The unique active wallets metric makes sense given Base’s potential to tap into Coinbase’s huge user base, which, according to information last reported by the company in 2022, stood at 110 million users globally.

Daily transaction volumes on Base, although less than Solana’s, are also impressive for a relatively new chain, standing at $320 million compared to Solana’s $733 million. These metrics highlight Base’s potential for expansion and underscore the advantages for Base Dawgz.

$DAWGZ Looks Set to Blast Off to the Moon

Given the favorable conditions and the strong foundation provided by Base, Base Dawgz is well-positioned for substantial growth. The rising popularity of meme coins, combined with lucrative staking rewards and the dominance of the Shiba Inu phenomenon, sets the stage for an explosive launch for $DAWGZ.

The “base jumping” nature of the Base Dawgz token also gives holders a unique advantage, offering a seamless bridge between leading blockchains. Taking all this into account, $DAWGZ has huge potential to become the next 100X crypto, providing significant returns for those who are in quickly.

To buy Base Dawgz, simply head to the $DAWGZ presale website and connect your wallet.

Join the Base Dawgz community on X and Telegram to stay updated and not miss out on this promising opportunity.

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