New Cryptocurrencies to Buy This July: 5 Gems That Could Explode

Joshua Ramos
Top 3 Trending Meme Coins To Buy Now For 3X Gains

As the market continues to recover, emerging cryptocurrencies are capturing the attention of savvy investors.

Here are five coins that could potentially see significant gains this July.

1- WienerAI ($WAI)

Part dog, part sausage, and part AI trading bot, WienerAI is a new meme coin that has generated considerable buzz this month after it raised $6.9 million in its token presale.

This exciting new meme coin brings utility to the table in the form of a trading bot that uses a “noob-friendly” interface, seamless swaps, zero fees, and MEV bot protection, so you never get front run by a bot.

The WAI token will probably be required to gain access to the trading bot, which should increase demand, thus causing it to explode post-launch.

At the moment, early investors can buy $WAI tokens during the presale for $0.000724 apiece. The price will go up every few days, making it prudent to buy early to lock in a better price.

While the presale lasts, investors earn staking rewards of 164% APY dynamic. As more tokens are staked, the APY will drop, giving early birds the biggest advantage.

2- Jupiter ($JUP)

Jupiter ($JUP) is the largest decentralized aggregator on Solana, aiming to become the best exchange in cryptocurrencies.

The platform offers seamless swaps between all Solana cryptocurrencies, limit orders, dollar-costs averaging (DCA), bridging blockchains, an instant onramp on Solana using a credit card, and perpetual futures trading.

Jupiter launched its token JUP in January 2024 in what it called Jupuary. Those who actively used Jupiter in the past were airdropped thousands of tokens. JUP is now used for governance, where stakers vote on important decisions, including funding and token launches on the Jupiter launchpad.

The reason why the JUP token could explode this month is because there is a massive vote happening in late July on whether to cut the total token supply by 30% from 10 billion tokens to 7 billion tokens.

Moreover, JUP stakers receive Active Staking Rewards (ASR). These are token allocations from all projects that use the Jupiter launchpad to launch their tokens.

3- Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is the latest Doge-themed meme coin that uses its base jumping skills, combined with Wormhole and Portal Bridge technologies, to seamlessly hop between blockchains.

This multi-chain capability allows investors on Base, Solana, Ethereum, Binance, and Avalanche to buy DAWGZ tokens during the presale without leaving their preferred blockchain.

Solana, Base, and Ethereum are already popular blockchains for meme coin traders. Therefore, having exposure to these communities could help the DAWGZ token price explode after the presale ends.

Having raised over $2.3 million within a month of the presale launch shows the Doge meme coin meta is still strong.

Active community members who connect their X account and share Base Dawgz memes and related content can earn points redeemable for DAWGZ tokens. Those who refer anyone who buys $DAWGZ tokens will earn 10% of the invested amount in USDT.

This community-driven marketing campaign could be another reason why DAWGZ has the potential to soar after the presale ends.

4- Zeta Markets ($ZEX)

Zeta Markets ($ZEX) is a decentralized exchange on Solana. It offers sub-second trade settlement, near-zero gas fees, and up to 20x leverage.

The way it works is you deposit collateral in the form of USDC and long or short a perpetual futures contract like BTC or ETH. Zeta Markets is available on mobile and desktop. It also allows for institutional API for market data and faster trade execution.

Zeta Markets recently launched its token ZEX, airdropping 8% of the token supply to 80,000 active Zeta Markets users. Everyone can now buy the token on a decentralized exchange on Solana, like Raydium or Orca.

ZEX is a governance token that can be staked by locking the tokens for a select duration, such as 365 days. In return, the staker gets gZEX tokens, which represent voting power. Staking ZEX also boosts airdrop incentive for future ZEX token allocation for those who actively use Zeta Markets.

Financial institutions have already filed for Solana ETFs. If more liquidity pours into the ecosystem, Zeta Markets could see an influx of new traders and degens. Then, causing the ZEX token price to explode.

5- Wormhole ($W)

Wormhole ($W) is an interoperability platform that connects over 30 blockchains. It allows users to move their assets seamlessly, say, from Ethereum to Solana.

The technology is also used by large companies. PayPal uses Wormhole to move its stablecoin PYUSD from Ethereum to Solana and Injective.

Similar to many other protocols, Wormhole launched its cryptocurrency W by airdropping a portion to eligible wallets. Last month, Wormhole activated its DAO, allowing holders to stake their tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and vote on governance.

Many investors expect $W to explode this month because of the rumors that $W stakers will get a Monad token airdrop.

Monad is a decentralized Layer 1 smart contract platform that offers parallel execution of Ethereum transactions. It offers speeds of over 10,000 transactions per second.

Many investors speculate that Monad’s token launch will be one of the largest in the cryptocurrency space. W stakers could earn a token allocation.