New Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Minetrix Raises Over $9 Million in Viral Presale – What Is BTCMTX?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: DeHFi

Bitcoin Minetrix, one of the most innovative new cryptocurrency projects currently on presale, has passed the $9 million fundraising milestone. 

A proof-of-stake project that aims to democratize the prospect of cloud-based mining through its unique stake-to-mine mechanics, the platform is also running a “minedrop,” an airdrop consisting of $30k worth of BTCMTX token to celebrate its upcoming launch. 

New Cryptocurrency BTCMTX Revolutionizes Bitcoin Mining 

Bitcoin mining has always been out of reach for most crypto enthusiasts. The cost of holding and maintaining a rig is too high, and the electricity costs alone can offset the gains from Bitcoin. 

Even though cloud mining solutions have come out to give appropriate support to prospective miners, the current cloud mining ecosystem is not without challenges. 

Frauds are common, as there is a high chance many cloud mining companies will withdraw their support at any time. There have also been incidents of customers getting locked out of their mined Bitcoin. 

The problem lies with the conventional cloud mining ecosystem’s centralized approach, which Bitcoin Minetrix claims to address with its unique decentralized stake-to-mine ecosystem. 

Stake-to-Mine – Bringing Transparency to Cloud Mining

One of the most humble realities of Bitcoin is that people can generate profits without having access to one whole Bitcoin. Considering Bitcoin’s volatile history, even a fraction of Bitcoin is enough to yield massive gains. 

This factor makes the prospect of cloud mining an appealing one. Since it is not without its challenges, Bitcoin Minetrix has come up with a unique stake-to-mine utility for its cloud mining ecosystem. 

This use case consists of users buying and staking the BTCMTX token, the native token of the Bitcoin Minetrix ecosystem. Staking these tokens will give users access to mining credits. 

Mining credits are ERC-20 tokens as well but with a twist. Users cannot trade the mining credits but can only burn them. Burning a set number of mining credits will give users access to some mining time on the Bitcoin Minetrix’s cloud mining ecosystem. After the mining period ends, the mined Bitcoin will be instantly transferred into the user’s trading account. 

Bitcoin Minetrix provides two venues for people to earn. The on-chain rewards from the act of staking themselves are worth an investor’s time, which, coupled with the mined Bitcoin, can truly compound the rewards that investors will earn. 

Bitcoin Minetrix Dashboard – Manage BTCMTX Tokens In One Place

Bitcoin Minetrix has also unveiled its dashboard recently, giving users access to a plethora of facilities. 

The platform allows users to manage all their BTCMTX tokens in one place. It also acts as a gateway to interact with Bitcoin Minetrix’s mining rig and the staking facilities. 

This dashboard will be unveiled once the project lands after the conclusion of the presale, which may happen soon. 

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Racing to Raise $10 Million

The Bitcoin Minetrix presale was a success since it commenced in the third quarter of 2023. The market’s volatility didn’t impact people’s interest in this token, and even now, they are more than willing to invest in it. 

So far, close to $9.25 million has been raised. Each presale stage is timed, which means investors have less than 22 hours to buy BTCMTX at a discount price of $0.013. 

Participate in Bitcoin Minetrix’s Minedrop 

Bitcoin Minetrix allows investors to make the most out of the current presale. Those interested can visit the official website and follow the project on Twitter to enhance their number of entries. 

Completing these two tasks will unlock four more tasks. With each task completed, more points will be awarded to the users. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is an interesting project coming out at a time when all eyes are on Bitcoin. While the current drop in BTC price has many second-guessing Bitcoin as an investment, Bitcoin Minetrix’s current presale allows investors to make gains outside the current market’s volatility. 

To take part in the BTCMTC presale, visit