New Meme Coin PlayDoge Raises Over $5 Million in Presale Funding

Joshua Ramos

The meme coin market has seen newcomer PlayDoge (PLAY) raise more than $5 million in its pre-sale funding. The token is set to be a staple of the play-to-earn gaming genre. Its nostalgic presentation creates an experience that reminds players of 1990’s classic gaming experiences like Tamagotchi.

The token provides a rather unique experience for both gamers and cryptocurrency investors. Moreover, its success to this point showcases that it is likely to benefit from an increase in interest in both meme coins and P2E games.

PlayDoge’s Play-To-Earn Mechanics

The Doge meme has been a staple in the cryptocurrency space with Dogecoin (DOGE). The leading meme coin has a market cap of more than $17 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. PlayDoge uses that now iconic imagery and transfers it into the pixelated gaming world.

The game itself allows users to care for a virtual pet in the form of a Doge. They earn PLAY tokens through different activities and can redeem those tokens for various rewards.

The game will feature different challenges that players can compete in, with users seeking to earn the top spot in various leaderboards. All the while, the game’s 8-bit presentations connect individuals with the beloved games of the last several decades, infused with modern technology.

P2E Gaming Growth and Floki

This quarter, P2E gaming has surged as a sector, with its market cap increasing to $10.1 million. That 6% increase shows the meeting point of interest and participation in the development of these ecosystems.

One of the market’s best performers has been Flokiu, whose Valhalla game has seen massive interest generate revenue. The playable testnet for the game was launched in February, leading the asset’s price to go from $0.00005112 to $0.000145 in just seven days. That represents a 200% increase in value.

Although highly successful, Floki is set to face some obstacles in the near term. The development has proven to be increasingly long, with no launch date revealed for a mobile app that the project revealed to release in late 2024.

That uncertainty has raised some questions. Meanwhile, PlayDoge has established a strong community support in its $5 million presale funding round.

High Staking Rewards on Ethereum, BNB Through PlayDoge

One of the most interesting facets of PlayDoge is that it’s a multi-chain asset. The token is available on both the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Ethereum. This will give investors greater choice to engage with their preferred network.

For Ethereum, PlayDoge features staking rewards at 132% per annum. Meanwhile, NB offers a notable annual return of 77%. Both platforms provide different benefits, as Ethereum provides an avenue to maximize profits, and BNB offers lower transaction fees and much faster processing.

Currently, PLAY tokens are priced at $0.00512, in what is likely to be its lowest price and a massive opportunity. In order to buy PlayDoge, visit the presale website and connect your wallet. From there, you will be able to stake any tokens after you’ve bought them.

For all the latest news on PlayDoge, visit the project’s Telegram account, and follow it on X (formerly Twitter).

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